Casting Participants

News from the wunnerland Schleswig-Holstein Hansen family has large families casting of the tourism agency Schleswig-Holstein (TASH) with an original video shown, why she is dreaming for the land between the seas. For the first prize, a family holiday in the high North, it was not quite enough. Merle (14), Ray (12), rose (5), father of Bjorn and mother Meike received included the daily dose of the Schleswig-Holstein holiday now home: you have won the beach chair, which was raffled off among all participants, and enjoyed in time for Easter wind in the Kustentypischen Beach furniture the warm spring sunshine. The beach chair fits great in our garden! We will inaugurate it on the weekend at a small family feast and now doubly looking forward to the summer”, Bjorn Hansen shines. The video a Princess needs a holiday”is a real family project, daughters and father have co-written, produced, composed, and cut.

The Hansens staying in Kiel, are so very close to the beaches of North Sea and Baltic Sea. We have participated in the family casting, because we like to jointly shoot films. Also we deem the best holiday Land Schleswig-Holstein and like vacationing in the own State”, enthuses father Hansen. Especially great, we find the many different landscapes, which here there is space that is truly unique! And what better than to convince people in the remaining Germany of how beautiful it is here in the North?” TASH was looking for Mayan families for ever a holiday in Schleswig-Holstein in a total of three rounds of casting on from September 2009 until autumn 2010. Family Steiner from North Rhine-Westphalia spent the holidays on Eiderstedt, family Cornils from Rhineland-Palatinate traveled to the OstseeFerienLand and family swimmers from Hesse is looking forward to a farm holiday in the land between the seas.