Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Sudden infant death (SID) – many causes are discussed. It is particularly important to take precautions. Sudden infant death syndrome many parents know the phenomenon of sudden infant death. Most healthy children die without apparent reason suddenly while sleeping. This happened in Germany approx. 1 time per day. What reasons are discussed in this context? The child sleeps on his stomach. The baby sleeps too warm and it comes to an overheating condition.

Vaccinations smoking parents even if is still unclear so far, what is the reason really leads to sudden infant death syndrome, can you take care. So, you can greatly minimize the risk of sudden infant death: you learn absolutely the special first aid measures for infants allow you turns the baby in different positions sleep E.g. ventilation. (Back / side) Avoid stuffed animals in the crib. For more information see aerosol cans. This could interfere with the breathing of the baby. The baby should sleep without a pillow. It may also impede breathing. The Bed linen should preferably consist of organic cotton and as little as possible be dyed.

A baby sleeping bag is a good alternative to the duvet. Do not overheat the baby’s sleeping room, 20 C are sufficient. Smoking in the apartment is absolutely taboo. Find out about benefits and risks of vaccination (vaccine critics both supporters of vaccination) to prevent toxic vapours from the mattresses, mattress covers special, gas density can be used. These prevent the baby to breathe toxic vapours. Keep in mind that babies spend most of the day in bed. Use a respiratory activity control mat. This registers the breathing movements of the child constantly. It will alarm if the child long time not breathing. E.g. of an activity control mat with these measures you can reduce the risk of sudden infant death considerably. Prevention is the best way. More interesting Info for children’s health and “First aid to the child” can be found under.