Consciousness posted by on October 30, 2017

At the initial stage of development of human consciousness is directed outside. Man with senses from birth, based on data delivered by analyzers, realizes the world as something separate from him, and no longer identifies himself with his tribe, with the phenomena of nature, etc. In addition, Only man is capable of paying their mental activity to itself. This means that the structure of consciousness includes self-awareness and self-knowledge – the ability to make a conscious assessment of their behavior, their individual qualities, its role and position in public relations. Isolation of himself as the subject and the development of consciousness occurred in the phylogeny and occurs during the ontogeny of each person. 3. Consciousness provides implementation of purposeful human activity.

Upon completion of the work process is achieved real results, which in an ideal form has already been formed in the mind before the labor process was initiated. Man previously represented the ultimate goal and the product of its activity, thereby forming the motivation. He planned to act in accordance with this view, he subordinated his strong-willed efforts, adjusting the activities already on stage of its implementation, the end result as consistent with the original conception of it. Violation in the implementation of purposeful activities, their coordination and direction is one of the species disorders of consciousness. 4. The structure of consciousness is part and emotional person. She is responsible for the formation of emotional evaluations in interpersonal relations and self-esteem, emotional reactions to the phenomena of the world, internal phenomena.

Venus Retrograde posted by on October 29, 2017

It is believed that the planet is in retrograde motion is accidental and has not such a strong influence on the personality of people born under its auspices. This view is probably the case in horary and elective astrology, but considering this area of astrology as natal astrology, you may want to follow a somewhat different point of view. Slowing or completely stopping, the planet is much more attention to Moreover, to express their power. Do not think that it is hard enough to reveal themselves, rather it looks like an immersion in himself to realize the situation and tasks. In this case, the astrological planet expresses itself very peculiar way. Suitable proof of this fact can serve as a natal chart interpretations in individuals born with a retrograde Venus.

Natal chart containing the retrograde planet Venus indicates individuals who have a somewhat different approach to their values, attitudes and interpersonal mechanisms, rather than all the rest. In natal astrology, the planet Venus shows the things that we love. Must also take into account that Venus is the force of attraction: a similar draws near. People who have come to light with a retrograde Venus is a totally different value system than them. This often becomes quite a challenge, especially at a young age, when the intention to take its place in society becomes almost the only important goal in life.

Exclusiveness, and especially where it affects the behavior society, is quite capable of making a man a pariah. Our Venusian beliefs evolves, as we conduct our search for life love and beauty, inner values and benchmarks, can increase our inner spirit and awakened to the heart. FCC Chairman pursues this goal as well. To adolescence, in childhood, we are still unable to create this personal system of values. And individuals with retrograde planet Venus is often very well aware that no matter how they tried to fit into the overall system, they do not like their friends. Often they are shy and try to avoid outside contacts and communication, which are enjoying their peers. Such behavior retrograde Venus deserved reputation underdeveloped communication skills, but that's something entirely different. For very many of us, ours, which have the same set of values. The issue is that the selection process by subtracting difficult for them to communicate with others, because these people do not take many of the criteria that are supported by their peers. That means that individuals for whom natal astrology has retrograde planet Venus will be studying not communicate in the young, and older age.

African Countries posted by on October 29, 2017

The world-wide negotiations to extend the Protocol of Quioto suffer an impasse. In accordance with Leaf, the African countries had paralyzed the main session of negotiations if retirarando in protest, alleging that the rich countries wanted to kill the agreement. The protocol compels about 40 rich nations limiting the carbon emissions. Been published that the president of the United States, Barack Obama, would have talked for telephone with the face is more possible to pull out something in resources of what in goals of reduction of gases, and goes to bet in this. To each year that passes, all perceive the deep changes that come occurring in the climate of the Planet.

More constant hurricane formation each time and devastadores; torrential rains generating great floodings and droughts aggravating each time more the hunger in the countries poor, among others. Scientists affirm that it is consequence of the effect greenhouse, phenomenon generated for the launching of gases in the atmosphere. These concerns world-wide mobilization in defense of natural ecosystems. After Estocolmo, gave beginning to an increment, the steps of cgado is truth -, of world-wide conscience, as much for initiative of citizens, how much of governments. All, each time more, come back toward the local and global ambient questions. In 1989, the General meeting of United Nations (ONU) revealed the desire to carry through 2 Conference, that finished if only carrying through in 1992.

Amongst the countries that if candidataram to host it, it finished winning Brazil, that already it looked to firm themselves as one of the first developing countries if to worry about the ecological cause. Then, Conference of United Nations on the Environment and Desenvolvimento (CNUMAD) or ECHO 92 was carried through 2. The ECO-92 was carried through in Rio De Janeiro, in June of 1992, where, throughout some days, several> nations had debated the local ambient questions and global, they had defined a succession of rules and goals in common, had established new lines of direction politics of transversal interests and also they had closed joint agreements.

The Myth Of King Arthur posted by on October 27, 2017

Long ago, at the very beginning of the Middle Ages, the land, once the former Celtic, was torn by terrible wars. And one day in the annals of those times among the names of real heroes and leaders appeared another name. Arthur. None of the battle did not know such a hero, none of his contemporaries did not hear about it. After all, when in fact it did not exist, people just remembered one of the legends that now, with enviable frequency will be remembered again and again. The myth of King Arthur centuries later, and Goals can be with their birth year after year, remains one of the most popular myths in the world.

He is experiencing a short time forgotten, but for them always follow new highs, new books, new philosophy and religion. And each new tradition of the Arthurian myth fits so seamlessly, as if they always belonged and for her. And now forgotten ancient pagan roots, so soon extinguished the memory glorious era of chivalry. King Arthur is a little is a fantastic book and philosophy – his kingdom is not Camelot, but the new planets and new worlds. Again, the theme of our work as relevant as ever. The aim of our work was the search and examination in the context of contemporary literature constant at all times the elements of myth, the myth of the center, its core – the path to the castle Grail, its unchanging throughout the centuries of meaning. To achieve this goal, we used a variety of scholarly works on myth in general and in our myth Specifically, as we turned to the legends, fairy tales, classic novels Arturiany and contemporary works, directly or indirectly related to our myth.

Ambient History posted by on October 26, 2017

Pesquisadorem Histria Ambiental (UFES) Summary: Adentramos century XXI in way to a vertiginous realidadedramtica and, of an ambient devastao in catastrophic ratios. The present article comes to present ambient history its origin, methods, concepts, subjects and sources ; to trace a panorama of as it is being made noBrasil e; while it disciplines producer of the historical knowledge, to detach suaimportncia as a tool basic and necessary to bring naturezade comes back to the arms of the man, as much in terms of formation of a conscinciaecolgica how much in terms of taking of action properly said. It has seen that, we are part of great ‘ ‘ aldeiahumana’ ‘ that this linked one, unconditionally, to the destination of the planet and ondeos problems the solutions, as well as, acting, are of interest all. The objective of the ambient history, that vaialm of the walls of the universities, is to make the man to be touched with the nature, being thus surpassed the distanciamento that it exists between both. Words Keys: Ambient history/ncia Environment /Consci ecological Abstract: we to enter the twenty-firstcentury amid tragic and giddy reality, the environmental devastation of acatastrophic proportions.

This to paper presents the environmental history – itsorigins, methods, concepts, themes and sources -; you examine how it is being madein Braziland, a disciplines to producer of historical knowledge, highlight its importanceas basic and necessary tool will be bringing nature back into the arms ofman, both in terms of formation of ecological awareness and take action itself. Considering that we live in large ‘ ‘ village human’ ‘ that ploughs interconnected, unconditionally, the fate of the planet where the problems and solutions, aswell the actions, ploughs of interest you all. Goal The of Environmental History, which goes beyond the walls of universities, is you excites the man with nature, thus exceeding the distance – dichotomy – that is between them.

New Ukrainian posted by on October 23, 2017

Yulia Tymoshenko over the years to build links with the international community, but unfortunately, its numerous statements were not backed up by real actions. It is not excluded that the oligarchs will also be forced to spend millions to convince the world that is not so bad in our house. But if they can convince the government to change course, then Millions will be saved for more worthy goals, and not spent on useless manipulation. New Ukrainian budget: saving for all or a select few? At the end of December 2010 parliament adopted a state budget Ukraine in 2011, and the president signed it without much delay. Continue to learn more with: Jonathan Segal FAIA. Prior to the adoption of the budget the Government stressed that it is a document setting out the plan of the country in a crisis than is justified by alleged serious reduction in social spending. Total revenue budget in 2011 was 281 bln.

And spending – 321 million UAH. This means that only the official version of the budget deficit of 40 billion UAH. That is, $ 5 billion .. It is worth considering that during 2011 the government plans to take more domestic and foreign loans worth over 90 billion USD., more than $ 10 billion! So what are the charges were laid off? The budget for 2011, expenditure on education reduced from 20 to 18.5 bln.

Understanding Your Metabolism posted by on October 15, 2017

Listen to what your body wants decirle.a Each has a different metabolism and body also reacts differently to the various programs and plans to lose peso.a Fast Try changing your program to be compensating for the reaction of Body. The exercise program should be according to your body because the exercises are in accordance with their capabilities, all may not be exercised with the same intensity over time can best be achieved capacidad.a If walking is all I can do, this is the best ejercicio.a Muscles burn more calories than fat, so it is better to have muscle and be able to achieve their goal. Fourth: Eat more fiber, this makes your body feel the sensation of fullness sooner and stays in your stomach longer, slowing the time of the digestion.a A single serving of whole grain bread can move the fat through the rapidamente.a digestive system grains help level the sugar levels blood. Thus, the body feels more energized and ready to determine when it will begin to burn fat or store. Fifth: Keep away from fried foods especially because they contain a lot of grasa.a Although fish and chicken appear leaner, this white meat can contain more fat when fried a fat meat of why vaca.a recommended diets based on foods that are grilled, not containing fat and contain less fat after you cook your food. Sixth: Take liquido.a good amount of consumption of at least six to eight glasses of water a day, keeps the body restaurado.a Because weight loss depends on how the body removes excess body hence body must stay hydrated. All in all, discipline and persistence are still the best practice and the key to success in achieving rapid loss peso.a light diet, training, and the right amount of supplementation applied to daily results will regularly and changing old habits, will help your weight down, all these actions are your best allies to achieve their goal.

Ramon Gallegos And Holistic Education posted by on October 11, 2017

For each physical realm there is a certain behavior, certain conduct, certain moral, given mask. The training of individuals (undivided) intact, it has not achieved, because the orientation has been inadequate. Ignored basically the formation of the spiritual dimension in both the social level only has transcended the global level while the cosmic level is completely ignored. With the growth of the knowledge society, without the support of the eye of contemplation awake and trained, with a conscience parked between power, myth and reason – at best – the use of knowledge has failed us better people. With this holistic reading the reader is aware of the problems of humanity, shares the ideas that originates and is even more convinced that the proposals are appropriate and holistic education that is what needs to be done to choose a Prospective kind. But … How? It’s the big question.

In all his books on holistic education, Ramon Gallegos touches this problem, either tangentially or directly, either by responding to the whole individual or all be confined to social or holistic education within the education system. Transforming Learning Communities in schools learning communities is the title of another of the books that we enjoy in our holistic training. Inattention and action to shape these communities, develops and integrates the holistic concepts in this specific task. “The learning process must be learning communities that are also all levels” (p. 112). The levels are: the classroom, school, region or community, and individual geopolitical zones. Learning communities (CA) should not be thought of as the physical environments but as the group of people that comprise it, nor ought to think these social groups with a predominance of social over the individual but as a balance between them.

Academic Inauguration posted by on October 11, 2017

The school’s franchise, born by the joint initiative of the business school Toulouse Business School -TBS – and the Spanish Association of franchisors – AEF – will perform on April 7 its inauguration and first academic session with the presentation of the Conference strategy and people: keys of improving the franchise. The talk, that taught Miquel Llado, President of Dale Carnegie Spain, scientific collaborator of strategic direction of IESE in Barcelona and former Chairman of Sara Lee Bakery Europe (Bimbo), will try to reel off more strategic aspects of the direction of franchisers. This opening ceremony, which will take place in the Barcelona Campus of the Toulouse Business School facilities, is open all managers, professionals and future professionals of the franchisers, since the school’s franchise was born with commitment to provide the best training programs to the franchise community. To read more click here: Joeb Moore. The school of The TBS and the AEF franchise is a strong commitment to improve the quality of the system and by placing among the best prepared Spanish professionals to develop its role, being also the professionalization of the system one of the main founding objectives of the AEF. In the immediate future, the franchise school official AEF will provide training in such special subjects as retail-coaching, conflict prevention, the use of social networks, etc., all adapted to the reality of the franchisers and Asiad training. Note to journalists: for further information, the management of interviews or graphic material shipping, do not hesitate to contact our Press Office.. If you have read about Jonathan Segal FAIA already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Jenny War Hernandez posted by on October 6, 2017

Hairdresser: barber. happens like with airhostess, your you know what means to hair, perhaps by the champ to hair and shoulders, so as we are speaking of professions it must be barber or barber. 7. Jonathan Segal FAIA is full of insight into the issues. taxi to driver: taxi driver. It happens just like with bus to driver.

It is clear no? 8. Fishmonger: pescadero Is probable that you know the meaning fish, by the name of the Mcfish of the Mcdonalds, soon as we are speaking of professions, Fishmonger has to mean pescadero. Good, either we know 7 words the more, to see, 17 + 8 do 25, so or we know ourselves more than half. 3 Well, at this point we have left these words to learn: 1. accountant: accountant the 2. Bakers: baker 3. Bill Nuti often expresses his thoughts on the topic. postman: mailman 4.

to bricklayer: bricklayer 5. fireman: fireman 6. businessman: businessman 7. to gardener: sailor gardener 8.: sailor 9. to grocer: shopkeeper 10. to butcher: butcher 11. journalist: journalist 12. to caretaker: manager 13. to lawyer: civil lawyer 14. servant: civil servant 15. lorry to driver: truck driver 16. to manager: director 17. to undertaker: enterrador 18. nurse: nurse Exists many forms to learn them, but I believe that one of simplest than you can use is to look for in Google images, photographies or drawings regarding each of these professions. That yes, characteristic that must share all the images is that they are challenging, likeable or original because they must sorprenderte if you want to be able them to remember in the morning examination. 4 At this point only you have left the acid test, to copy the words in Spanish once (in ball-point pen) and when you have finished the list, to begin to alongside put the words in English in pencil. You verify the results after of having finished and to flocks those that have not come out to you well. If you want, you repeat the process with the words that you still do not know yourself. 5 Before acostarte at night you read all the list of mechanical form and according to you also awake. Good, already you will tell the results me!