Music History posted by on March 23, 2011

Music history is a very deep and rich topic that deserves a great deal of exploration.  Here, we will start off with an introduction to music appreciation which will then be expanded upon in future analyses.

The main time periods of music history include the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque Age, the Classical Period, the Romantic Era, and the 20th Century.  Each of these has its own depth and analysis which helps listeners to understand music more clearly and deeply.

Certainly, listeners can enjoy their favorite music without any background.  Having some background, however, helps you to more deeply understand and appreciate the music that you are listening to.  You are able to see how one aspect of music builds on another and to know where the music that we hear today comes from.

Many colleges today even have music history classes that allow students to understand the background to this genre that so many enjoy.

Interior Sliding Blows posted by on April 17, 2014

Sliding doors, or as they are often called, interior sliding partitions are rather complicated products. First of all, because you need to choose a large number of components and materials, their structure, finishing, such as the sliding system and options for interior inserts. First of all, we must choose the material of which will be made your sliding door. Kitchens shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The frame of sliding doors or partitions can be made of aluminum, veneer Profile mdf, metal profiles, or from natural solid wood. The most affordable, but not the cheapest, are the sliding doors made of aluminum. Except They look like a modern, stylish designs from metal, most closely suited to high-tech style. Of course the price of sliding doors, too, varies widely depending on country of manufacture of components. In the Russian market you can find sliding aluminum doors are manufactured in Germany, Sweden, Turkey, China and Russia. Actually, you should recognize that the aluminum sliding doors are a better choice for the relation Money. Especially if your interior is decorated in a modern hi-tech or nouveau.

So Paulo posted by on April 17, 2014

The destruction of a gigantic tropical forest certainly had a significant impact in the climate of many regions of the country. The transformation of great parts of its areas in great labirnticos conglomerates of asphalt and concrete created this phenomenon called heat island. Rio De Janeiro and So Paulo are urban spaces where it has excess of antrpicas sources of heat: many automobiles (fsseis fuel burning); emission of different gases generating the effect greenhouse and the reduction of green areas, and still can be distinguished the industries, the concentration of buildings, the waterproofing of the ground, excess of materials that absorb the heat and little ventilation. This leaves the much more hot cities what it provokes a significant disturbance in the air flow. On average the increase of the temperature in these cities has been bigger of what the generality. This increase is not measured by thermometers that register the temperature of air, but yes for the street thermometers that mark 43 or 44 Celsius degrees easily.

This urban phenomenon is responsible for intense and located rains, causing the frightful overflows in the summer (So Paulo) and the collapse of hillsides and mounts (Rio De Janeiro), respiratory problems in the population, dehydration and deaths mainly between the aged ones. Who bush the bush? Many are the factors that impactam and contribute with the degradation of Atlantic Mata. One of them is the advance of the cities without it has a planning and without if it has taken in account the forest remainders, areas of permanent preservation or the forest codes also have the great enterprises as the hydroelectric plants that devastam thousand of hectares of the forest, have the threats comings of the activities of mining, in the South of Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo, that occupy great areas and cause ambient impacts of great sum and cause disappearance of great part of the forest, another important question is the advance of cultivations of exotic trees and the proper agriculture made without planning or order and an indifference of the state governments that do not control the predatory advance of these activities, the period of learning exploration if of threatened species of extinguishing (imbuia, black cinnamon and the araucria) for the production of furniture and the artesanato, the creation of shrimp in manguezais and restingas, substituting the natural ecosystem and limiting the performance of the traditional population that lives of the search of crabs in these same fens, the cut of the vegetation for the production of the coal, in the state of the Piau, where 78.000 hectares of the forest already turned coal and finally, still speaking of impacts, if it cannot leave of speaking that Atlantic Mata not yet is free of the traffic of its animals, that continues being a problem of difficult control and the indiscriminate hunting in some regions.

The Walls posted by on April 11, 2014

To create a child a comfortable atmosphere for the baby and to please him, you can decorate the walls of funny pictures, wall posters. A another place toys, figurines and other small cute little things. But do not forget the place for games (which are so necessary for a small child!), Occupations, and storage. Furniture baby furniture in the basic elements of child are a bed, wardrobe, desk, chair, open shelves or racks. To fill the extra room furniture is not worth it, it is necessary that there was enough space and air and space to play.

As the child grows up in room also is changing – changing furniture, lighting, decor, and at an older age is possible to replace the whole design space. Experts believe that allocate their own room after the child needs to achieve of two years of age. To make the nursery a warm and personal, maximum use of square footage should be used in a variety of interior design and dimensions of the shelves, add-ins, add-ons to your existing furniture. Children's furniture – products Children's Furniture more shall comply with environmental, safety, and be strong. Therefore, the materials for its production are increased requirements. It is very important to ensure the safety of the child in the nursery. Always pay attention to production quality, accessories, materials, joints when choosing children's furniture. Remember that the main requirement to furniture is its environmental friendliness, as well as the use of friendly paints and materials that have passed the required control and certification.

The highest quality materials for the manufacture of children's furniture are different species of natural wood, particle board and a modern high-quality plastics. It is desirable that crib had several control levels vysoty.Suschestvuet and other furniture, too expensive for the price, but which the child will use almost 10 years. This furniture-transformer with a complex system of transformation. Cot for the baby in the future turn into a couch or bed for a teenager, and changing table – in the chest lots of drawers. Remember that children's rooms should be comfortable, cozy, beautiful and enjoyable for their young people.

Italian Country posted by on April 5, 2014

Probably each of us home is a place where we rest from their labors and gaining strength. Recently Cabinets sought to clarify these questions. The interior of our house, its atmosphere should help in achieving this goal. What holiday could be better than a soft striped chair in where you can get with a book, and warm shades of orange on a rainy day when you do not want to leave the house? If you close the philosophy behind your comfortable home, then go in search of wicker furniture, wooden cabinets and drawers with a touch of antiquity, beds with carved headboards, concise tables and chairs. It all together – the style of country music. Country in translation from English – the village, the countryside. The furniture in country style – woven or wooden, with unpolished surfaces. Kitchens is a great source of information. It is spread traditional for this style way – very relaxed. "Roughness" of furniture can be mitigated pretty trinkets and interior accessories, saturated colors.

Country style is perfect for a country house design, but its main features can be reproduced well in a modern apartment. These days, country said goodbye to the naive simplicity of the village and became more sophisticated and elegant, while retaining the main advantages – the lack of pretentiousness, softness, romance, closeness to nature. A special place in this style is textiles. For a country characterized by natural materials, often used linen, cotton. Colors – Cage, bar, and, of course, a bright summer flower ornament variety of colors.

Better use of close to nature paint: green, terra cotta, ocher, the color aqua, blue clear sky, the color of natural wood and soft-pink sunset. The main condition – the color should be pleasing to the eye and do not be gloomy. This is sort of the motto of country-style colors. If you want to design its interior in the style of the country, the first thing to note – the walls and floor. Walls can be painted in a plain natural color. If you are using wallpaper, then they must choose a striped, with understated geometric or floral pattern. Parquet flooring, solid wood, fruit and exotic trees will help create a lively and sophisticated atmosphere in your home. The next step in creating our interior design – furniture. Fine, if you remained prababushkiny wardrobes and chests of drawers. They can restore a little remake and they will last many years, decorating the house and giving it personality. If the "antiques" does not get you to inherit – does not matter. Interior design showrooms will offer country-style furniture, construction of modern factories – the French, British, Italian, German. Last and very important touch – textiles. Hang at the windows bright cheerful curtains that create a sense of summer in the room and your mood. Place a table on a snow-white lace tablecloth. Lay on the couch colorful pillows. In the rural interior looks great live green. Put on the windowsills and floor ceramic pots with green plants and vases with fresh flowers. Country style does not like the geometric definition, easy to "mess" with an abundance of sun flowers, vases, paintings, greenery, pillows and simple furniture will not irritate the eyes, rather the opposite – calm. The quest for coziness, peace and tranquility – the red thread in the canvas of country style. And how can a comfort to go out of fashion?

Educational Attendance Specialized posted by on April 4, 2014

To search new forms to educate, and more the old one does not pass in the picture and the pupil copies. We have that to search to modify the form as we teach, because only is in the notebook does not want to say that the pupils had learned, must have appropriate rooms for each substance, with demonstrations of practical uses of what we learn in real time. Former: in sciences, we must have lesson in a laboratory with that the necessary professor, if it is to speak on the human body, could have a unit in real size for study. They are simple things, that can make the difference.

With passing of the time you could teach in the basic one, what today is taught in 2 Degree, without losing the quality in the education, quite to the contrary, earning still more, with schools of integral turn, more substances, a richer didactic material of culture, with interaction, a pupil who could come without the notebook, because this already is a self-taught person thanks to the education that receives, with a shining future for the front, and improving each time more mine, its, our country. In the school where I work they are very the problems that we face, however, in my opinion, the greater of them is the violence that the pupils bring for the classroom fruit of the social environment where they live. , I also think that all the school would have to define a set of minimum moral values to which all its members must be committed, the responsible ones that the children in the schools register. These values must be preserved by the schools above of the interests of some pupils and parents who protect its children erroneamente when they practise aggressions. We live in a time where everything can be questioned. However, whichever the ethical values of the family circle, is from them that the limits for education of the children can be established. It is always better to give limits of what not to give them. In the doubt, the parents must opt to the values that had learned.

The problem appears when the parents, from fear or distrust to be obsolete, if omit. The omission will have a high price for the child with consequences in the school. The solution for as many problems faced for the school is in a set of action that congregates politics, community and family public. A ready prescription does not exist, but, a bigger investment on the part of the government in public politics already is a start.

Inner Peace posted by on March 29, 2014

To date, our knowledge and capabilities in technology shock, but we almost never succeeded in knowledge of our inner peace. How much do we know about his soul? We know, as is conceived as a developing fetus in the womb, as it is born, both increases and then gets sick, grows old and eventually die. All of this history of physical body. How much do we know about the life of the soul that lives in this body? The soul came into this life and settled in the body. The soul lives in the body, gets different experiences and acquire important knowledge.

Reaching a certain age, the body dies, and the soul continues its journey to what would have been born again and again. What we call death, in fact, is as natural phenomenon, like any other. The sun rises in the east and sets in the West. After Saturday comes the resurrection. Once a computer becomes obsolete, we get a new one. Why are we so afraid of death of our physical body? Perhaps because few know about real life and the evolution of our souls? Once hodilo mankind on the earth on foot, but today we drive in cars, fly planes and even space ships. Once people were dressed in loincloths of raw hides and skins of wild animals – we have today developed by the fashion industry. Once mankind to transfer knowledge in the form of oral tradition – today, we preserve and transmit the accumulated knowledge in the books and use the electronic media.

What seemed to be not possible yesterday become a reality today. Yesterday, we were afraid of death and feared chilling suspense afterlife journey. Today we have full knowledge of and most importantly – the methods of conscious transformation. Speech talking about the possibility of free choice of where and when embodied in the next life. And most importantly – to be reincarnated, while retaining all the knowledge and experience of the previous incarnation. It becomes possible to start the next life is not from scratch! People at the start of every life is spending a lot of time and effort on education, as well as the fact that to find my place in life. Each person persists that would achieve the desired goals. Different people may have different goals and challenges in life – material and social status, scientific knowledge and spiritual self. People are working intensively to achieve their goals, starting his way every life from scratch. If you are good to remember their past embodiment, the situation changes dramatically. Gained you the same experience themselves in a great number of past lives began to work for you! You do not need to learn a lot of years in school and university, because you already know and remember well All this is from past lives. Incidentally the last time there are more children that easily and quickly pass the school and university curricula. The impression is that for these children, like all university knowledge is already well known. People at a young age often make many mistakes, very sorry for what in later years. Having an awareness of reincarnation, a person can move to the next life if not all, then, in any case, many of the accumulated knowledge and skills. These people already have everything from childhood experiences and knowledge of previous lives, which allows live life in a very different quality.

Maggen Blue posted by on March 23, 2014

Traigo the formula so that, enters both, to discover the way to march to us, to assume the responsibility to find the way towards the abysses, towards the incandescencias of the solitude, where it waits the water and the wind to us, where the fire transforms ice and earth before being a phantom or a dying paquidermo of marble. Maggen maintained a sheet with numerous pothooks (one reads formulas in a less contemptuous language). It was put standing up and it indicated to Galeazzo the narrow footpath to him between the furniture that lead to him towards the gotten late laboratory, colored with the reflections of blue and red lights. Inside, a blue crystal bubble was in all the center of the room. Galeazzo did not know why it thought about an umbrella and slices of ham with pineapples and cherries.

Maggen indicated a board just by to him three bellboys: red, blue and black. Later it said something preliminary on the equations of the paper. It remembered the approaches at the more aberrant stellar speeds, assumed by particles subatomics, also the immobility of the pendulum of the clock when articulating the sonic frequencies of the board, the blinkings of the lights, the rumor of magnetic tapes and the nanocircuitos. I can decirte, Galeazzo friend, who just by to activate those bellboys who you can there observe, the time is easily manipulable for that is outside the bubble, but that it is within her will be the one who recognizes that hidden reality, that enjoys that impossible movement towards the past one or ignoto future. The blue one backwards takes in the time and the red one to us forwards. They are unstable, but powerful forces. Little it is what it would be possible to be made know the profane minds on such prodigies. Galeazzo watched of landmark in landmark to Maggen.

Educating Dogs posted by on March 17, 2014

What but it yearned for as a child was to have a mascot, in fact quieria a dog, but never gave it to me. My mother – who had had many dogs when he was young said to me that they were animal terrible, that those animal were very difficult to educate. During long time, whenever foot him a dog mother, my mother told me when the dogs of their house destroyed their shoes to him, destroyed the garden, the room no longer tapeworm adornments because of the dogs. In the end by my insistence, mother convenci and him desmostre that was responsible and able to take care of a dog, finally my mother acceptance my dream, to have a dog, but me advirtio: " You are already going to see as everything goes to cambiar." Finally my dream became reality and I made contingency not covered by law to the warning of my breast, spends my savings and it renders to me, but porfin I could buy a black farmer, buys puppy, because pense that serious thus much more easy to educate it. My viviamos family and I in one marry ample but, of all ways, for my breast simply not existia the dog, me towards feeling that so that I assumed all the responsibility.

Like Training a Dog Hill to give the reason much to your parents. soon after the cachorrita of eyes to tier to us I become and creio by seven, was an immense dog and for my pain she was very destructive. The chaos invadio my house: the flowerpots were histora, the wasted furniture throughout and not to step on " gracias" of the animalito one it was like walking in a minefield. To remove to walk dog was a headache, with his force it dragged extraordinary me by all the street and in the park it dedicated myself to fight with whichever dog would cross myself to him in the way and when people approached to do a caress to him, scared they them, to end of gruidos.

Contemporary Kitchen Furniture posted by on March 10, 2014

Kitchen – One of the main rooms in the house, which spend a lot of time the whole family. Therefore, when designing a kitchen all the details and nuances to be sure to thoroughly thought out. Gone are those days when furniture store could be purchased only just an ordinary kitchen set of same gray color. Today the market is replete with various models of kitchen furniture, so choose to your taste cuisine in Minsk there is no trouble. But before you go to the furniture store to buy kitchen units, you should make sure: whether it will fit into the interior of the kitchen. To begin to draw on the paper plan kitchen, make all the necessary measurements kitchen space, taking into account the door and window openings, the distance between outlets. Every meter of living space the kitchen is used rationally, in advance so thoughtful design the kitchen, where All your items will be "at hand".

Previously before going to the store take a look at photos kitchen furniture magazines or on specialized web sites where you can still read and testimonials about a particular model kitchen. Familiar with models of kitchen sets, you can and pass on the furniture salons of the city. Because of this, you give the impression of modern furniture for the kitchen, so make the right choice cuisine, which will be affordable, practical, and will serve for several decades. When choosing kitchen recommend paying attention to the following: the style and material of kitchen cabinets. Depending on the thickness of your Wallet, you can buy kitchen furniture made of MDF, particle board, wood and multiplex. Whatever the material for the facade of the kitchen you choose, should be prepared for the fact that virtually all manufacturers to carcass quality kitchens use chipboard. If this option does not suit you, you can always buy a kitchen done by individual project.

If your apartment can boast of a separate dining room, do not forget that together with the kitchen wisely to buy lunch supplies. Dividing the kitchen area into functional zones, you can make a comfortable place for a family breakfast, the main place where it will hold a dinner table. K kitchens include, as usual stools, chairs and original wood. If your kitchen design will be a bar, it would be logical to buy her a decent bar stool. In conclusion, I would like to say that quality furniture for the kitchen is not a penny.

Sosgenes Coast posted by on March 3, 2014

… Enchantment! here it is that already I am owner of a castle of chorale with rock gates wine color color of wine , lilac , rose, that they instigate the visual perception of the reader, detaching opportunely its rose pavo fictitious , enters others that coexists in diverse poems: golden, blue, red. The author through flicks of its imagination, nourishes, according to Mattos (2004), the desire to raise a new age of gold of the nature, in which the salient yellow color, dominating spaces. It is observed presence of this tone, in the verse below, being called for Mattos of tico dictator . Immense burning sndalo and the setting yellow.

It has on the part of the author, a paradisiacal idealizao through incessant enumeration of rocks and precious metals of the nature,> expressing the exterior world parallel to its close and personal life. Enchantment! here it is that already I am owner of a castle of chorale with rock gates wine color Florisvaldo Mattos, summarizes a little of the capacity of Sosgenes Coast: Writing down this particularitity I cogitated to glimpse the relation that if could establish enters this procedure of the poet and the universe of plastic creation, so instant was its chromatic preference, evidenced in the discretional supremacy of the vision in relation to excessively the directions, leadership that is only seen threatened by the relative competition of the olfativas sensations, when the sinestesia, in the metonmico game, to the side or instead of colors, privileges the aroma, its perfumes, its varied fragrances. (MATTOS, 2004:42 – 43) FINAL CONSIDERAES The workmanship of the poet Sosgenes Coast, reveals, through its poems, sharpened looks, varieties, sensorial ecstasy that carries the reader to a multi-chromatic world, repleto of distinct thematic sensations and, in an artistic creativity that it is particular. Very still it has to uncover itself in the art of the poet, deserving, boardings, studies, in an exempt vision of static, literary or politician-cultural preconceptions, of that it was after I castrate Alves, important name in bahian and Brazilian literature.