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Viscoelastic mattresses are naturally adjusted to the heat and weight of the human body. Each pressure point is reduced to the minimum necessary thanks to the particular consistency of foam memory foam, which is the material of which this type of mattresses are made. Open this foam cells allow air to accumulate in the interior of the material and that, provided that the body is pressed down, the air content be redistributed organically through a cells. Foam memory foam is a material produced for three decades by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, i.e., NASA, and its main goal was guarding the astronauts of the constant friction between their skins and spacesuits in large part caused by the constant movement living in an environment without gravity. After a first phase of experimentation with this synthetic material and after giving a use as highly specialized, the foam viscoelastic found numerous applications in everyday life. In a beginning only accessories for exclusive use of hospitals and other health clinics were built. Soon the foam viscoelastic became a very important component in orthopaedics in general.

Stretchers, beds for convalescence, wheel chairs, special dresses, bedding, artifacts of rehabilitation; the usefulness of the foam viscoelastic had soon spread to the majority of Orthopedic products. The emergence of this material in the mass market occurred with the beginning of production in series of mattresses for general use. Countless own foam orthopedic virtues viscoelastic, coupled with the high degree of comfort provided by the user, made mattresses viscoelastic mattresses with more demand and better reputation one. Feature outstanding foam viscoelastic is its ergonomic condition that allows to eliminate pressure points on the body during sleep. The natural ability of the material to react to the different body temperatures and their willingness to adhere to contours avoiding hits and minimizing the effects of sudden movements contribute in a unique way to maintain a correct position of the spinal column. Viscoelastic foams are currently material star bedding and furniture stores in general. If you want to know prices, special offers and which providers offer foam viscoelastic online, we invite you to visit the portal of viscoelastic mattresses.

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In addition, there are standard high pillow for those who like to sleep on two pillows, standard low, children, teenagers and others. The thickness of the mattress made of natural latex varies from 5 cm to 15. Mattress 15 cm can be put on the floor or bed, not using additional mattresses, but ortopediteskie properties begin to appear already at 5 cm for the latex mattress is better to put on the ordinary. The dimensions of natural latex mattresses start at 100×100 cm – for the crib, and to double bed size 180×200 cm, for children are offered sets of mattress and four pillows and cushions, fun toys in the shape of elephants, bears and rabbits. And for the adults – a convenient roll which can be used during sleep to unloading of the spine or when reading or watching a movie under his head. Natural latex combines all the best properties of synthetic and natural materials. 1.

Thanks to the antibacterial properties of latex in the products of He did not get turned microorganisms and saprophytes, which reduces the risk of allergic and respiratory diseases. Therefore, pillows are recommended for people prone to allergies and respiratory diseases, as well as children. 2. Through special forms, which are used for making pillows and mattresses, porous structure is formed with openings communicating. The respiratory capillaries provide excellent air circulation, keeping cool in summer and warm in winter. On these pillows and mattresses body 'breathe', and the person does not sweat. You are guaranteed a good night's sleep without wet hair in the morning and no itchy redness.