Wine Specialist posted by on July 30, 2015

Sommelier is the professional specialist in wines and has the function to guide the purchase and the supply of wines; it watches over for the adequacy of the wines in the stockage service and rotation; of the suggestions on the forms of vender the wines better; it suggests and it serves the wines to the customers; the letter of wines elaborates; it takes care of the pertinent claims. The line head has the function to direct, to supervise and to control activities of the staff of the restaurant; place of the restaurant takes care of of mise en; it takes care of to the order of the customers; it takes care of to the claims; it substitutes maitr, will be the case. Kitchens can aid you in your search for knowledge. The waiter has the function to carry through mise en place in the room, tables, sideboards etc; he prepares mnages; he prepares the buffet; he takes care of to the order; he serves the order in accordance with the techniques of service; it presents the account; it takes care of the claims; it watches over for the maintenance of the materials and equipment. The commis have the function of assisting the waiter in the service to the customers; place assists in mise en during the meal; you command it directs them; it carries the order from the kitchen until guridon; it keeps the sideboard in sequence. The apprenticees have the function to collaborate with the work of the commis.

Theoretical Research posted by on July 30, 2015

With this, they get the new knowledge, uniting the theory with the practical one in the classroom, thus exerting, an active paper in its professional process and consequently stimulating its learning to the research, taking them it an analysis becoming them critical. She is necessary to understand that without the theoretical knowledge, it is impossible to have the practical one, therefore one is related to the other. In if treating to research, it must be had in mind that it produces knowledge through concepts and analyses acquired in collections and being thus, produces acquired information of systematic form where, the principle, has as base the theory. The scientific or academic research offers subsidies to the teaching future to become autonomous worker, therefore it is searching that this discovers new abilities, acquires new abilities so that it exerts thus them of practical form in the next future, that is, in the school. Learn more at this site: kitchens. In the school, the professor must to assume a estimuladora position, applying works that foment the learning to search, making with that these, since the basic education, have the notion of how much the research is important not only in the day-by-day pertaining to school one, as well as in the day-by-day social one. With this, it is left clearly that the research must be active in the life of each one, therefore is with it that essential knowledge for the life in the scope of the social complexities are acquired. To if dealing with the applicabilities of the acquired basic knowledge during the research, that is, of the practical one of education in the classroom, if it comes across with the one of that many times the professor does not have time to dedicate itself in the research, therefore many have that to work in up to three turns so that thus they obtain a wage enough to cover its necessities. .