Sustainable Travel And Learning

Offaehrte language courses offers climate-neutral travel we live in a very connected world. This is no secret. Travel experience and contact with foreign cultures and languages is already socially required, finally it is so simple and cheap and straightforward from A to B to come. The aircraft has long prevailed as a means of transport […]

Thailand Long Stay

Boutique resort Baan Sai Yuan in Phuket 83130 Baan Sai Yuan resort in Rawai Phuket South the resort Baan Sai Yuan boutique resort located on the southern end of the island of Phuket, Rawai, slightly outside of the events. In many short & long term customers this resort is considered a favorite recreation and vacation […]

Cala Millor

So, the salami costs pizza restaurant in the average of 4.00, glass beer 1.80 and the Bild Zeitung 0.90. As a disadvantage Erholungshungrigen will notice quickly that this place has stronger forms a stronghold of beds. The sunbeds on the beach are quickly filled, the pedestrian area is crowded in the evenings and be accommodation […]

French Travel

In Europe they could however maintain their position and are as in the previous year, according to the Japanese to the most popular nation. Contributed to this especially the typical German cleanliness, quiet behavior and general good manners. For years, the Germans are also among Nations that give the most trouble, to acquire knowledge of […]

Berlin Mitte

C/o Berlin in Berlin Mitte photo exhibition to Peter Lindbergh the c/o Berlin, one gallery (but non-profit organization) on Oranienburger Strasse in Berlin Mitte, is already a very special venue. The Gallery is located in the former imperial Postfuhramt of Deutsche Post, what very pompous, very plain from the inside from the outside and looks […]


Don’t settle with tiny commissions from other companies. With us, will earn the highest commissions on the Internet! Directly to you, and without having to share with others! You earn ordered per vacation package, whether by an end customer, by a licensee, or by a company for promotional purposes. Our system & team decreases virtually […]

Education Commission

Tallinn and Turku promote a tourism boom for the North of Europe which brings capital of culture title for many European capitals and cities. This year, two northern cities, Tallinn and Turku delight with an appealing programme for celebration of the title of European capital of culture 2011. If you would like to know more […]

Windward Islands

The Leeward and Windward Islands are more demanding, here the Passat comes through more and the shaft is strapping. But we have still to the experience level of each the appropriate station and ship crew found. This then means that the season now lasts the whole year? Until mid-October, it’s still warm enough in Croatia, […]