Basic Contents

The workshop with game aimed at to provide to the teachers a pedagogical activity, of playful nature and that it was capable to promote the development of the reasoning logical-mathematician, the reading and the writing, with the possibility of application in contribution and classroom with the prxis educational in the units of education. Word-key: Game, Instrument, Application, Process, Learning, Experience. INTRODUCTION the game as facilitador instrument of the learning of children and adolescents has been object of study and analysis on the part of the much studious of the relative questions education and to the learning. In literature, one evidences that many research deals with the concepts and methodologies on playful activities, with different approaches, even so do not exist until the moment no accepted theory universally for ‘ ‘ jogo’ ‘.

Some studies disclose that beyond propitiating the construction of an imaginary space in the infantile one, the game, ‘ ‘ for being a dynamic activity capable to changed itself with contexto’ ‘ (Diva Maranho, 2004), it stimulates the development of the capacity of abstraction of the child. Mentioning the educational process to it, Diva it adds that the use of the game as a pedagogical resource is suggested as facilitadora of the learning and the infantile development. Based theoretical beddings in the studies of Piaget, Vigotsky and Wallon show the importance of the playful one for the development of the human being. ___________________ 1 – Work presented to the Course of Pedagogia in disciplines of Methodology and Basic Contents of Mathematics in the year of 2009.