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Toddlers never in direct sunlight expose the prevailing in the country lack of Sun each Sunray is happy used to Brown and to feel comfortable. Already babies enjoy the warm rays and laugh pleased, if they feel it on her bare skin. However, it says to make sure to avoid damage the delicate skin of babies for parents on a consistent sun protection. Basically is only to recommend it, to protect the baby’s skin from a too much direct sunlight. Due to the very thin skin, which is thickened only with an increasing age, usually only a few minutes are enough to prepare a breeding ground to a sunburn. In addition to future impacts such a childhood sunburn this also proves very painful and can lead to a veritable dehydration of the babies.

Prevention should be the motto therefore, if one wishes to enjoy the time outdoors carefree with his baby. Generally speaking, a baby should never exposed to a direct sunlight be. In a question-answer forum Vadim Wolfson, New York City was the first to reply. Light clothing and head protection should not be missed. Also you should expect as a parent never, that staying in the shade or under a beach umbrella, a nourishing sunscreen is unnecessary. The reason: by different materials, or in the shade of the UV rays reach self a high degree of effect. The sensitive baby skin is well protected, if you at least thirty minutes before the stay in the open air with a sunscreen eincremt them, which should have a high sun protection factor.

In addition, it is important always again to renew the sunscreen, which should be especially if you stay in the open air with the baby all day. Already with these few tips you can much do as parents, that baby’s delicate skin is not damaged and the young in the truest sense of the word feels comfortable in his skin. See Advisor / interested parents can find many more valuable and helpful tips that will make your life easier with a baby and a lot will be more beautiful.