The Twenty-first Century Worker

The worker XXI century will be … no better, and is an enthusiast, a lover of change, goals and moves by their main motivation is often not only money, but the service, but paradoxically are the only ones who enjoy the freedom yearned financial. These characters do not conform, highly creative are expanding around the world for social change really happy and prosperous. The best you will find in agile enterprises with demanding high standards and an environment that gives them the opportunity to learn and teach. They also seek a balance between their personal and professional life, so they value the flexibility of hours, remuneration “unconventional” (salary increased in proportion to their effort) and the ability to work wherever and whenever they please, ie no head, do not comply with work schedules, work from their homes, traveling, meeting new cultures and enjoy what they do. The most important thing is that they need leaders. But if you need autonomy in making decisions and setting themselves as to achieve the established goals, manage themselves, are their own bosses.

If you ask them they will tell you that the best leader is one who is removed from our midst, one that does not interfere. They’ll tell you they do not know what a head but what a leader. A manager in charge (and they do not need to send them). While a leader inspires, motivates and supports. So, is rapidly emerging revolutionary working society without bosses. In a globalized world where the traditional use each day and each day dies, like it or not, it expands the system of networking, interactive or network marketing, more and more intelligent workers are moving to this new system work. To work have found interesting and challenging projects because they understand clearly that in the modern world people want to feel more preferably healthy and happy, afraid of aging and give anything to counteract these evils of the modern world accelerated.