Partner Choice – First Fall Figure And Charisma In The Eye

The first impression counts! Why people find each other attractive and what role exactly when choosing a partner, is partly still a mystery. Ravaror can provide more clarity in the matter. However, there are some criteria that take into account many singles. Just the character, the eyes, the sympathetic smile or the charisma of the person are often mentioned as important issues. The partner portal wanted to know more and asked its users. Total, 169 singles participating in the anonymous online survey. Among the participants there were 104 men and 65 women. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Yael Aflalo.

It involved the question of which property in the opposite sex is first perceived. Old patterns can be confirmed in the context of the evaluation. Therefore men emphasize more on the outside than women. About 36 percent of the male respondents were to first to look at the character of flirtation. Among women, only 14 percent indicated that your first look is the physique of a man. But if the figure not decisively is what attracts women first in the opposite sex? It There are mainly two things: the eyes and the smile.

Each, 40 percent of women opted for these answers. Among the men, however, make 34 percent on the eyes and only 26 percent on a bright smile for their female counterparts. Clean clothes and cleaned shoes are today less demand for it. Only six percent of women and 5% of men consider this still crucial. More information: press Lisa Neumanny University Service GmbH