Windward Islands

The Leeward and Windward Islands are more demanding, here the Passat comes through more and the shaft is strapping. But we have still to the experience level of each the appropriate station and ship crew found. This then means that the season now lasts the whole year? Until mid-October, it’s still warm enough in Croatia, in Turkey even by mid-November. Then come the remote destinations in question. However for Christmas or new year’s Eve trips last to wait for minute offers, is nonsense. Then are also usually fully booked flights and Charter bases. Who wants so in winter on the water, must hurry.

Bargain hunters go so at best in the summer in Europe for sailing? Yes, right now we have for example for last-minute deals with 50% discount. An Oceanis 43 Kos late July 50 Cruiser from Athens for 2450 euro for one week, for example, for 3400 euro or Bavaria. But who is a bit flexible when planning, is actually getting a good deal. And we assist with the search. If you are so look around at the ports, it looks as if the Charter yachts are getting bigger. Is this impression? Yes, more and more people want more and more place for sailing, larger vessels are however usually also more expensive hire. The main trend, however, is that many customers ask first for the latest models. Enter the Charter bases on it and also one or two new ships ordered every year but if are then actually at the desired date in the range, is another question.

We have so many partners with ships, which have a few years under their belt, but are still super clean. Also advice is needed here again and the knowledge of who delivers the quality where. Inga, you hear otherwise from your customers? Where’s trouble? We have the largest search engine on the market and therefore always a good overview of the availability at Yacht Charter Finder. Already, that’s why we can find almost always a solution for the customers. We have so many repeat offenders and if time trouble, it’s because what doesn’t work on the basis of on-site. But we know our p in the ports and on whom we can rely. We have therefore mostly positive feedback from our customers. Sailors are already a special kind of person, outgoing and open minded. Make clear announcements and makes the work fun! Contact: Karsten Knorr phone: 030 / 20 18 17 15 Euroboats Charter Ltd. fax: 030 / 20 18 17 15 9 Berliner Strasse 3 skype: inga.purlein 13089 Berlin