The petticoat pop princess is waiting with their 2nd album! Can music be fun? The answer is Yes! And the proof is Vanessa Neigert. The new petticoat pop princess sets with I’m a party”before their second album, which is just like it: simply charming novel. It appears on 4 June in the trade. “” “” “” The songs, the Vanessa for I’m ‘ ne party “has chosen, have all been hits, quite large even: he stands in the gate”, a mark for Charly”(both by Wencke Myhre), Lady Sunshine and Mister Moon” (Conny Froboess), when teenage dream “(Peter Kraus), two oranges in the hair (A Banda)” (France Gall), what can be more beautiful “(Connie Francis), souvenirs, souvenirs” (Que Sera) (Billy Ramsey). Caterina Valente world hit all Paris dreams of love”shines in Vanessa Neigerts cover version even as orchestral anthem in Hollywood quality.

For the video clip, Vanessa Neigert however has the brilliant opener A student of Uppsala”is selected, the great success of Kirsti, who in 1969 at least 14 weeks in the German singles charts was sweet Norwegian. But not only Vanessa, but also her producer Tommy Mustac, the shooting star under the impact created ends deserves great credit. Once again succeeded Mustac, to retain the charm of the original songs and to create something new, nowhere else is there so in the current German music business. Vanessa Neigert is, however, a very own artwork: as one of few casting show participants it has earned itself a family audience in the truest sense of the word. The kids and teenagers rediscover the hit through them, the elders enjoy the Renaissance of melodies of their youth and the generation of golf has a new party – and easy-listening-Idol turns out during their numerous live performances with Vanessa Neigert. Vanessa Neigert is a majority enabled star.

The excellent chart entry for her debut album with 17 is still dreams”(#31) in the publication-strongest time of the year was a good proof of this. A hobby of the almost 18 years: Zodiac. Make cool who ever the pleasure to get to know her, you must focus on the question of which star signs are?”. This is my hobby. I have read much about astrology and already notice that many of the typical characteristics the most people to meet.” Vanessa is cancer. You tend to the romance and sensitivity, but also as a precaution. Friendships includes Vanessa prefers not to fast, better step by step, but when a man in her heart did it, she let him out again so quickly. Typical cancer precisely. And typical Vanessa. Crabs also are ambitious by nature, certainly won’t hurt her career as a singer. The video to a student from Uppsala”is in the box, the TV dates are made: Vanessa Neigert is again on everyone’s lips. Track list: 01 a student in Uppsala 02 he stands in the gate 03 ICH geb ‘ ne party tonight 04 Lady Sunshine and Mister Moon 05 a mark for Charly 06 all Paris dreams of love 07 souvenirs souvenirs 08 come on a bit after Italy 09 when teenage dream 10 Teddy bear 11 what can 12 be beautiful (que sera) two oranges in the hair 13 Chapel of love 14 rocking around the Christmas tree 15 Winter Wonderland artists media GmbH Managing Director: Werner Kirsamer Steffen Kirsamer P.o. box 12 47 D-89145 Laichingen Tel.: 07333/9670-0 fax.: 07333/9670-30 mobile: 0177/3640803 email us at: info(at) home page: