The Particularism

> The universals problem concerns the question of whether there really are platitudes or whether they are human constructions. “” “” As universals are platitudes like, for example, human being”and humanity”or mathematical entities, rankings such as number,”relation” and class “means. In philosophy a fundamental discussion is being conducted since ancient times, whether it is a universals ontological * existence… or whether it is purely intellectual concept formation. > * In the ontology teaching of the being, meta Physics is a general term used about a division of the being, basic structures of reality and of the possible objectification. This subject area is largely congruent with what according to traditional terminology General metaphysics”is called.

It discusses about a system of basic types of entities (concrete and abstract objects, properties, facts, events, processes, values) and their structural relationships. > A State of political systems (State systems, societies, groups) is called particularism in political science, history, and political philosophy, in which smaller units all over primarily able to assert their interests and rights or at least claim this. The tendency, that the elements of the periphery of a system as opposed to the Centre or common institutions on weight gain, can be described as particularism. The particularism are generally opposed therefore both centralism and universalism. As less clear fixed term vested interest refers to goals and perceptions of social groups within a larger whole, only or primarily only (mostly political) their own way politically articulate, without taking into account cross-group considerations (cf. volonte Generale). Such term use is the concept of the common good against vested interest mostly sharp and also often have negative connotations. The formulation of individual interests but is not per se incompatible with the public interest, a compensation of sichwidersprechender interests is political for representative democracy a basic characteristic responsible action. The elementary error of our society: The forced neurotic politicians and managers want to can control anything and everything by the State.