The Bride

PAUSE. 3. Once you have done various jacks turn off your camera and its light and exit the room leaving the bride to change and tell relatives who the bride need help to cambiarce. While the bride is changed more secure the limo and get and this is your chance to burn out and inside the limo. Later return to the House and maybe girlfriend already this list to record when you are fixing or you are giving the last touch-ups. Record the bride getting Frente al espejo (Pintandose lips or getting the earrings, perfume or getting makeup.) Later: Ask the parents of the bride qu wait in the Hall to congratulate her. Record when the bride leaves her quarters and approaching next to their parents for that the abrazen and obedient then it is arodilla against breast so you blessing and then the Pope stands to give a blessing after the father bride asks hand to help levantarce leaving the bride in the middle of MOM and dad ready so that the photographer and videographer graben that memory.

Then quit the House arrange his camera on his triple I indiqueles go out and go to the limousine, tell the bride that stops next to the door of the limo and take pictures and video before that goal is it in the silt, if godfathers or godmothers are precentes do a choreography before you leave the girlfriend of the House so that when she passes them (as) will follow. When record because they are inside the limo (dispensed that salute to the camera or to congratulate the bride and groom) sierre door of limo with one hand while these recording. Record the limo when you go. Get to your car and adelantece in the Church. (It is convenient that already have the addresses of how arrive at the Church.) A browser is highly recommended).

Reaching you in the Church, go with the Coordinator (a) event to coordinate where and to the extent you can moverce to burn. If you have enough time, go out of the Church and record the facade of the Church or the Church’s name, if the bride already get grabela out of slime by going to church. Return to the Church and acomodese to record the progress of entrance of family padrimos and the bride. Record the boyfriend who is already waiting inside the Church. Look for a good place remember that parents gave the bride and groom and they taparan him taking so find a good place and make an open outlet not serrated lla that not grab a good decision if you want to do a close up. CONTINUE… Atte; Tomas M. Teran have questions or more information, contact with migo a: original author and source of the article.