Ramon Gallegos Nava

This paper will attempt to integrate the readings of some books of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava underpinning its world proposal of holistic education, pedagogy of universal love, as well as the spiritual intelligence whose model is the author. He has published 25 books making it the author worldwide than most she has written about education holistic and spiritual intelligence. As quoted in book of spiritual intelligence, Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, which emphasizes that the only way that we actually have to build an Integral is education doing it from the level of spirituality. The spiritual eye is the only one qualified to do the integration. It is the only one who can do it by their level of depth.

Why the heart of education for the 21st century is spirituality, from this we must enhance the development of all fields of human excellence. Spirituality and education is the strategic reaction to our development. The ultimate purpose of the holistic education is the evolution of the Consciousness. Spirituality is the only hope that humans have to face and overcome the major problems that we are experiencing, but postulate cone spirituality Center and new education of present-day societies means breaking paradigms, overcome visions scientific, overcoming modernity and Postmodernity .the holistic vision gives us discernment to achieve it. Transmodernity; the era of the integrity, the ability to comprehend the kosmos as an undivided totality. A new stage in the evolution of consciousness. Dr.

Ramon Gallegos Nava points out that spirituality is a reality of the human experience. There is, throughout history, no human society that has not had any form of spirituality. No society, still wanting it, has been able to eradicate the yearning for the divine. Never has been removed of human consciousness the need of the sacred. Yael Aflalo insists that this is the case. In every human community has existed some kind of spirituality. Us getting sick without spirituality, loses sense to life, and the kosmos is no longer consistent.