Portuguese Government

In terms of construction, all walls, roof, the lintels of the doors and Windows as well as the crosspieces are original. We also find a niche, where the patron saint of the House was located. The original documents of the 1720 onwards are as samples in large glass cases. Posted on one of its walls we found a copy of the coat of the departmental Capital City representing struggles between Portugal and Spain. It has a Sun, the may revolution; the Phoenix, a resurgence from the ashes; Eleven stars arranged in arcs representing the cities of the Department; the Tower – common to the coats of arms of Spain and Portugal – which has on one side the Wolf and the other lion. The division of upper and lower barracks, represents the Rio de la Plata, in which the profile of the historic Citadel of 1763 sits. Skirting it appears the famous quote by Virgil: With the spirit we will draw the hidden fire in the soul of the stone, motto of the Comision Honoraria de reconstruction. As original relic, shows us what is used as a reading room, both its doors and walls are authentic.

Among the important documentation that is housed there, highlight a police file in the Department, ranging from the year 1876 to 1898. The furniture was donated by the Portuguese Government and corresponds to replicas of the era. PALEONTOLOGICAL MUSEUM. The so-called paleontological museum, is located in the heart of the Real de San Carlos, then where can trace back us back thousands of years to the prehistory. Here are exhibited different species remains found in places that are far from our colony, not more than ten kilometers.