Perennial Philosophy

It defines five levels of all mandatory so I think we should start talking about what spirituality is, as this is the basis of education for the XXI century. We will be brief in describing it, more than anything, the goal is to have a general idea of the concept. The holistic paradigm can not be related to religious beliefs, dogmas and rituals. Religion as an institution and manipulative dogmatic ideologies of human groups, has no place in the holistic vision. For its part, spirituality is something we can not deny is the awareness of ourselves in the world and the universe, is the essential nature of man, which is able to perceive beyond beliefs, dogmas and institutions.

The Perennial Philosophy tells us that our spiritual essence is pure, pure consciousness, is the discovery of our true essence. Spirituality is an inner experience, immediate and direct our original nature, belonging to all, not based on adhering to some external, but to assume responsibility for their own enlightenment. Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava says that spirituality is the recognition of our pure consciousness, is the recognition of the wholeness of life, this (spirituality) has nothing to do with religions, sects, ceremonies or something like it, is a full experience, is to perceive the wonderful being that dwells in us is the direct experience of this immeasurable universe, this brings us to the egocentric Kosmocentrico, from the personal to the universal, to transcendence. As if I could say that spirituality is self-knowledge, I consider spirituality as the essential nature of man I believe is the foundation of all genuine education, and that spirituality is not religious belief, beliefs are not the essence of spirituality , spirituality is an immediate and direct experience of the transcendent, universal love.