Luther King

They had been assassinated, between them Gandhi, Luther King, Malcom X and I buzzed Mount of homesickness of the people who never I knew Of the poets who had died before it gave to be born Of the people who I almost knew I do not have homesicknesses, because I did not know them Mount of homesickness of the people who never vi Of the people who vi, because they had not revealed of truth, few me had left homesicknesses. To the times taste to pass the time? If some somebody that does not have nothing in the life to relembrar to disturb not to come me with its urgencies of now, is good that if it says? But at last, misfortunes to the part, I taste to pass the hours relembrando the steps, exaggerations, ways, embezzlements and starts and descomeos of my life Of the dreamed life, but never carried through due to time, courage, wanting of truth. Many times I lose myself in the labyrinths of these distances, of these impossibilities of my loves that had not given certain (that I only know why they had not given certain). I come back to the past, foot before foot? because the past is arisco and if it scares there with easiness – and, watching of the opening of the time, I am arranging and rearrumando some things, wanting to make to give certain in the imagination, what it failed in the reason Living of new what a time was never lived at least. Simulating the life, to only see as it could have been. Ah, What she would be of me without the memories of the loves that had never happened? The souvenirs of the things that I did not live and the loves that never I had are infinitely bigger and deliciously gostosas of if relembrar that the memories of the things that I had, and the women who I had without nor one of had me to them Of fancy in fancy, I loved many women Only these women who never I had of truth – but that I loved desesperadamente -, true homesicknesses had left in me to repeat, because these had been the only women who had possessed me of truth the soul, the body and the spirit.

Earth Energy

Have you ever wondered what we are and what there is in the universe? Who is out there and if we are the only planet which suffer this way? Poverty, hunger, disease and suffering economic losses, homes, employment and inability to buy food are signs that something has interfered with our welfare. Learn more on the subject from Vadim Belyaev. Human beings are in fact energy, everything around us is energy. What differentiates us from animals is that we are the conscience and animals are instinctive energy, some have a higher frequency that can be connected to the energy of the Earth. Earth has consciousness, since it responds to causes and effects, and suffer like humans. First of all we should ask ourselves if really believe that there is only one Galaxy with a planet with beings. We should not accept it as we have no way to prove it is so. If we believe that there are other worlds in other galaxies we can accept that energy exists everywhere and we are part of a larger mass. Convinced that awareness is power is understand that what we create in our world, large or small, affects our society, the community and the world we live in.

The Earth has been accumulating energy over millions of years, say for example 4 million years, and eons, Earth has managed to support the animals, life and humans develop and advance. The Earth has its own conscience, therefore functions as a human being. You want to improve herself and accumulate knowledge and an abundance of energy, just like human beings. Energy that we can call wisdom. Thousand years ago humans began to industrialize this world through the creation of machines and systems that distract us from our consciousness and we started to disrespect to the Earth. Before humans were engaged to develop consciousness accumulating knowledge and experience living in a world where it produced an interaction at the community level.


We cried out as insane people, to only prove one pra another one who we were there. We cried without obtaining to stop, only pra to demonstrate that one mattered with the other. We played as children who not yet knew what it was certain wrong e. At last, we were happy as nobody never was. We knew what each one was feeling and we talked only for the looks. Everything this only confirmed the love and affection that felt for you, the friend that left never me in the hand, exactly that was in worse situation that mine. We are far yes, but our souls never will break up you already are part of me and I am part of you.

Every day I ask for the God who gives to me plus a possibility of to hug being able you and to say I love that you very, to pass exactly that it is some minutes to your side, pra to reviver the sensation to be with the friend most perfect of all. I ask for that protects it you and makes of its life a story of fairies, where its fairy godmother it has only one Fernanda name and she is it who will make of its dreams a reality. The fairy godmother more beheaded insane person and of all, but that it is capable to give the life to protect its goddaughter. Yael Aflalo is likely to increase your knowledge. I ask for the God who does not leave to die this friendship that is so important for me and that it gives forces to me to surpass the homesickness that presses the all instant. I have little time I was saying farewell myself and today already these people are more than one month far from all who had never left to lack me affection and not even love.

Vocs all are already are essential and necessary of its presences to be able to live, exactly that it is only in thought, vocs will be with me forever. The tears are inevitable, to the times fall without not even informing, I already are getting used. But never I will get used with the idea of to be far from vocs. Soon we will be together of new and making of our afternoons the purest tests of that the true friendship still exists and can happen with any one, as well as happened with agent. Amiga, I love you you very always will be here with me, in a place that is alone its and nobody can occupy. In the distance it exists, but we will also make of it our friend and all will live in the biggest peace and happiness.

The Moment

The person is common who is living one fights, to develop feeling of anger in relation to the doctor, familiar and the friends who nothing had made to prevent the death. In some cases, the anger can give in relation the person deceased, ' ' for if leaving morrer' '. Also the questionings and revolt with God is sufficiently common, making many times, with the person it is moved away from its religion or feels that its faith is shaken. Another very common feeling of if making gift during the period of I fight is the guilt, making with that the reviva person mentally what it could have done or said for its dear being. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Hampton Bay and gain more knowledge.. It believes that different fact was had, the death would not have happened and this generates it intense a psychic suffering. Passed these phases it comes to the deep sadness or the depression, seen the fidget already to have yielded.

It is the moment where the person is more been silent, the look is more vacant cries, it if it makes present more. Generally this phase occurs between the fourth and sixth week. Alternations in this phase can occur, where the person has left inertia, having been a little agitated and uneasy. Normally this is motivated for that it remembers to the person deceased. In the measure where the time goes passing, the person goes obtaining to retake its life, therefore the pain of the loss goes if transforming into homesicknesses. With this, the person obtains to go managing this homesickness, therefore if of the account that really will not have the person in return. Clearly that all person who lives deeply one I fight, when retaking its life, it makes of different form, giving another direction for it, therefore probably its values had moved.

Marcos Ravelo

They studied together at Harvard who would become first African American U.S. President.UU. Educational psychology may also support this cause. (Barack Obama) and the first South African that has become British Minister (David Lammy). On Thursday, may 7 London South American community met with Lammy, who remembered when his deceased parents came from Guyana and his constant trips to South America, as he seeks to be a bridge between the European Union and the UNASUR, the two major Western blocks. Lammy is member of Parliament for Tottenham, the most multi-ethnic district of Europe, that coexist in which many South Americans of Spanish, Portuguese and English speaking. There you will find the largest latino market in the country (the same one that has managed to be demolished, after an intense struggle) and also has to be this June 20 Latino Carnival and the Inti Raymi/Machq Mara (Andean new year). Lammy is the sponsor of this last event. By coincidence, the native language of Guyana (arawak) is closely related to the ashaninkas and of the inca royalty (the puquina).

Lammy sympathizes with the idea that Latin Americans are recognized as an ethnic group. In collaboration with him and the Mayor of London is expected for the 2012 Olympics London have a neighborhood and latino cultural center and a massive latino festival and Inti Raymi. Isaac Bigio is an international analyst. Write to dozens of media on 5 continents. He received degrees and postgraduate courses in history and economic policy at the London School of Economics & Political Sciences. In this one, considered the leading international university specializing in social sciences, he has also taught political science and public administration.

Five Steps

Today, manufacturers of furniture offer many different options and easy to get confused, especially if you need to create a comfortable interior small-sized apartments. I suggest a few guidelines to help You will get exactly the thing that will last you a long life and will become an indispensable part of the furniture ensemble room. 1. Decide what kind of amount you are willing to spend to purchase furniture wall is from This will determine the number of shelves, cabinets, compartments and niches, their configuration and size. 2. It is important, where it will be your furniture, it will be oriented toward the front door of the room, whether it is exposed to direct sunlight, and as will be covered by artificial light, for whom the room will be designed such that you are buying case furniture (children, living, etc.) 3. The design and color scheme of your furniture wall.

Going into the showroom you can get lost in the furniture around you the walls, each ensemble will be furniture is unique and harmonious, but that is important for you to furniture combined with color wallpaper, the rest of the furniture in the room, and, finally, it is important that the color of liked you. 4. Materials and finishes. Today there are many ways to furniture, you can order the inlay surfaces drawing a picture on the individual visible surfaces, wraps and inserts of various materials, as long as it does not violate the perception of the entire suite of furniture in general. 5. And finally, one of the most important moments of this material from which made your wall unit. An experienced salesperson in a furniture showroom necessarily give you some advice, ask whether you can save on supplies as they environmentally friendly and safe. Remember, properly selected furniture will please you, day after day and will last you a long life!

Evo Morales

Morales, however, announced that He will seek to introduce community justice in the new political Constitution and appointed 99 technicians in community justice, whose title surely give them carte blanche to humiliate, offend, torture and kill anyone. With his boss in power, the originating are believed authorized to do what comes to them in WINS. Hear from experts in the field like Vadim Belyaev, New York City for a more varied view. In recent clashes with the Government that occurred in the city of Cochabamba, Evo Morales supporters killed a machete to a young k ara for 17 years, then joyous and triumphant exhibited his body shattered on the street. In subsequent years to 1952, when Victor Paz Estenssoro acceded to power and led forward the Nationalist revolution, leaving on the way to thousands of dead and sinking to Bolivia in misery, – taking exactly the same measures that today American liberals called socialism of the 21st century-, peasants armed with rifles, entered drunks to cities in trucks hired by the Government, and fired against who wanted them, without control, without clemency and without reason. Most aymara, – more than two million people, lives a few minutes from the luxurious homes of the upper-middle class pacena. A single cry of encouragement to the revolution and the looting, may do that hundreds of thousands of Indians go down mountains to residential neighborhoods to raze with everything and everyone, without that no one can stop them. The law with Evo will be every man for himself, because the President himself which fosters resentment and violence against those who are not from the same origin or ideology. His foolish behavior clearly demonstrates that there is no possibility that his Government might be successful. Peron said: governing is not only herding peasants, and thats all that Evo knows how to do.


Two men, both seriously ill, occupied the same room of a hospital. Allowed one of them sitting on his bed for an hour each afternoon to help drain the fluid from his lungs. His bed was next to the only window in the room. The other man should stay all the time in your bed lying on his back. The men spoke for hours and hours. They spoke about their wives and families, their homes, their jobs, their military service, when they have been vacation, etc. And every evening in the bed near the window, the man who could sit, spent time describing to his roommate things which he could see from there. See Yael Aflalo for more details and insights. The man in the other bed, began to live in those small spaces of an hour, as if their world is large and revived by the activity and color the outside world.

You could see from the sale a beautiful Lake, swans, people swimming and children playing with their small paper boats. Young lovers walked cuddled between flowers of all colors of the Rainbow. Large and old trees adorn the landscape and a slight view of the horizon in the city could see in the distance. As the man in the window described all this with delicacy of detail, the man in the other bed could close my eyes and imagine so picturesque scenes. A warm late summer, the man in the window described him a parade that passed through there. While the man could not listen to the band, he could see everything in your mind, because the gentleman in the window represented him everything with such descriptive words.

Days and weeks passed. One day the morning nurse came into the room carrying water for the bathroom of each of them and discovers the lifeless body of the man in the window, the same who had died peacefully at night while sleeping. She was much saddened and called the dependents of the hospital to remove the body. As soon as he thought fit, another man asked if he could be moved near the window. The nurse was happy to make the change, after being sure that was comfortable, she left him alone. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Hampton Bay and gain more knowledge.. Slowly and painfully joined resting on one of his elbows to hold her first vision of the outside world. Finally, I would have the joy of seeing it for yourself. It stretched to slowly turn your head and look out the window that was next to the bed. There was just a big white wall. That was all. The man asked the nurse that he could have forced his roommate to describe so many wonderful things through the window. The nurse replied that the man was blind and that for any reason he could see that wall.


Carpet is one of the most practical and original flooring. Easy installation, wide range of design solutions have long applauded by millions of buyers. By way of production of carpet is divided into three main groups: tufted, needle punched and woven. Tufted carpet consists of a base sewn pile yarns. Depending on the type of cloth, even the same pattern on the carpet looks different.

Nap has an impact on the practical characteristics of the carpet, while remaining one of the most important characteristics of tufted carpet. The simplest type of carpet is the one that has a single-level loop pile. This carpet cover, as a rule, wear-resistant and easily cleaned. Loop rather stiff and hard to compress it, so this type of carpet is not the traces of shoes, wheels trolleys and furniture. This group of carpets includes "Print".

Loop pile can be layered, while retaining its durability, with this type of carpet pile is valued for its relief patterns and ornaments. This category include carpet "Boucle" and "Scroll". In the process of making a loop carpet can be cut, the resulting pile is very soft and tender to touch, walk on it a pleasure, but to care for such a carpet is more complicated than a loop pile. This class Carpet richest subspecies here "Velour" and "Saxony", "Shag" and "Frise". Be combined with the hinge cover and split hair is Katlup. On its surface alternating loops and cut the villi of varying height to create a very diverse pattern. Katlup looks very elegant, has a high level of comfort, with carefully hides fingerprints steps and coping well with the dirt. Needle Carpet, as its name implies, create, driving needles pile yarn in the base. The resultant carpet is very hard and seems on the mat, has excellent strength characteristics and is very popular because of its low price. Woven carpet is one of the most expensive type of carpeting. Foundation and pile are at the same time, the process is slow and difficult. Woven carpet made of wool with a little nylon that the same effect on their value. Such a variety of carpet to fit every spending request as a coating for aesthetics and for its intended purpose.

Chinese Laminate

Often the money (and sizable!) Have to overpay for a trademark. Undoubtedly, the quality and credibility of the cost of money, but all is good in moderation. Laminate flooring is more expensive European floorboard – this is normal. * Original material. In recent years, the market wave surged counterfeit.

Initially, Polish, and now Chinese and "craftsmen" began the production of floor coverings, including laminate. Looks like the material, at first glance like a true, lies, as practice shows, much worse. Let's just say – cheap and profitable is not one and the same. 13. Which stock to buy laminate flooring? For direct installation, ie along the premises consumption of laminate is equal to 3%, while laying on the diagonal flow increases to 5%. If the installation is indoors cc complex configuration (round walls, bay windows, podiums, etc.) the percentage of waste in trimming can be above 14. Fit in a laminate with tile flooring, parquet? Yes, no problem. It is only necessary to leave a gap between the laminate and other materials – they can not lay back to back.

This interval is from top to cover the decorative nut or fill out the cork compensator. 15. Can laminta be an alternative to ceramic tile? Can and is! And in many performance benefits. Unlike ceramic, laminate does not require heat, resistant to external influences, not cleave at impact and an impact on the laminate is your favorite cup may not be broken. Well, the child would be safer to plop on the laminate, rather than the tile. 16. Can laminate be an alternative to ceramic tile? Can and is! And in many performance benefits. Unlike ceramic, laminate does not require preheating, resistant to external influences, not cleave at impact and an impact on your laminate favorite cup may not be broken. Well, the child would be safer to plop on the laminate, rather than the tile. Continue to learn more with: Yael Aflalo, New York City. 17. Whether it is worth to buy laminate flooring? In many cases, it costs! As a full-fledged alternative to many outdoor coatings, laminates have long ceased to be considered as a new and unexplored. Experience of using laminate flooring in the home and in the public sector clearly shows the practical advantages of laminate over the more venerable brethren on the market floor coverings. If you need a Mighty, practical floor, without the headache and painstaking care – laminate will become your friend and important part of the interior of your home, office or shop.