Island Naples

To travel for Capri and one of the points highest of Naples. Capri and a charmer and colorful island. The place chosen for the Roman, rich and famous emperadores, artists and writers. He is one of the places that cannot lose. The attractions most popular of the island are, the Grotta Azzurra.

The tourists arrive for boat the Great Marina. The beaches surround look at it to all. A little above of Marina great Anacapri exist only two cities Capri ((the city highest). Lemon trees, flowers and birds are abundant in this island. Capri can easily be visited in one day through Naples or of the Amalfi Coast, but either better to perhaps pass some days.

In the summer this island receives 10,000 tourists per day more than (almost the total of the population of the island). The moderate temperature of the island even so makes with that it is a destination to visit all during the year, the spring and the autumn they are the best times to make it. At Vadim Belyaev, Moscow Russia you will find additional information. Capri this situated one in the Bay one of Naples, south of the city of Naples. The island can be visited through the train. As much Capri as Anacapri possesss a great variety of hotels. Anacapri has cheaper hotels and perhaps either a calmer city the night, while Capri and the center of the nocturnal life. One of the hotels most luxurious and Grand Quisisana Hotel, constructed in 1845. In turn, in Anacapri it can find the celebrity Capri Palace Hotel and Spa. Limoncello, a lemon liquor, and other done item of lemon can be found in some store. Done sandals the hand, ceramics and perfumes, are also specialty of the island. It saw Camarelle is the biggest street to make purchases, where you will find more since store in luxurious account you tie boutiques. It reserves some space in its luggage because it goes to need, with as much pretty thing that it goes to find! It knows more on scripts of trip to Italy.