International Day Of Maintenance: Saturday, May 12, 2012

Care and mobility in Weiterstadt, GPW, Robert-Koch-str. 8 16 on 12 May is the international day of maintenance”. More and more people will care and needy. Read additional details here: Mary Barra. The demographic change is already now acutely felt in Germany and also in Weiterstadt and environment. Yael Aflalo shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In contrast to this is a lack of qualified nursing staff, which is due among other things to the lack of recognition of nursing professions in society. Therapon24 family, care and elderly services want to show that international action day care can be as diverse and interesting. Together with partners, Therapon24 would like to draw attention to the growing number of services around the care, but also on the overhead of the required staff.

The event appeals to elderly and disabled people, as well as employees in the nursing profession. “Under the motto mobility practical living AIDS for seniors and the disabled” are exciting promotions, sweepstakes, and daily living AIDS to the Presented to try out. A trampoline is available for younger guests. Crepes and soft drinks in addition to lure a trip for the whole family from the grandparents to the grandchildren. “If you have any questions or additional ideas for the international day of maintenance in Weiterstadt, addressed to: Kathrin faith marketing and sales consultant Therapon24 telephone 06151 397387-0 registration: to care, care home, day care, child care, housekeepers, 24-hour care, family services, senior care, relief for nurturing corporate portrait Therapon is a Greek word and means servant”. The company founded in 2004, serves people from conviction and holistically. Personal, economic, physical and psychological needs at various life stages require individual responses. The best contemporary response in the form of conversation, to give advice or services for persons or organizations, is the task and commitment of Therapon24. Family service: Who at home has an emergency, and quickly required a 24-hour supply, can contact Therapon24. The company operates nationwide through connected certified partner.