Happy 2011 Year

This year ending and this coming year I have been and I am bless @ by the divine light East 2011 I am deserving of everything good, not something or a little bit, but everything good. From this moment disuelvo any restrictive or negative thoughts Disuelvo and I release from all the limitations of the past. Do not let tie me no fear nor limitation of this society in which I live and because I do not identify with any type of limitation. My mind has absolute freedom. For 2011 I am entering a new space for my conscience, I visualize differently, creating new thoughts about my life and my being.

This my new way of thinking for the year that is coming will become new experiences. I am a unity with the creator of the Prospero power of the universe and therefore receive many spiritual goods. This totality of possibilities is before my. I have the right to be happy. I have right to live in abundance, is by nature.

Abundance is a divine right. I accept the abundance of this life with joy, pleasure and gratitude. I have the right to that everything flows in my life harmoniously. I deserve the life, that is a good life. I deserve love, much love, in abundance. I deserve health, a healthy body. I am free, I have health and am grateful for that. I deserve to prosper and live comfortably. I deserve to have joy and happiness. I deserve to have freedom, the freedom that allows me to be all that I can be. I deserve more things, I deserve everything good. Because I really deserve it, I accept it! So for my family who surround me and you that read me this is. Thank you father for hearing me! I invite you to post your wishes for the coming year, below in comments. Note: Passes to the blog to give you the calendar for the year 2011 original author and source of the article.