Graduation Ceremony

No matter how warm or were the memories of school, each surely, having finished it, once said: "Freedom!". Make this the freedom for your child memorable, giving him a little trip somewhere. You can go as a family for a couple of weeks, "a resort", as everyone's favorite cartoon characters. Or you can buy tickets for a child (and his close friend) in an exciting, albeit short, a trip to memorable places nearby towns. Many parents give their daughters jewelry: earrings, rings, chains or bracelets made of gold or silver. A gift that can be called traditional, but it can not be called trivial. A beautiful thing in a beautiful velvet box will satisfy every graduate.

By the way, and the graduate is also unlikely to give up a stylish chain or bracelet. Very bright and it is absolutely Prezent inexpensive box will be "with child wonders," where you are from the birth of her son or daughter folded wrappers from their favorite candy, tickets to the first "cultural campaign" in the circus, family portraits, painted watercolor at age five … You can paste all these things in an album with baby pictures of the child, accompanied by stories about funny and amusing cases over the past 17 years. Similarly, the original and still very modern gift will be a mini-movie from home videos "Childhood" (the creation of the tape, of course, it would be better to turn to professionals). In addition to a memorable and lovely gift, now more than ever, important material gifts. The first steps in adult life may well be accompanied by the first "serious" presentations, which will buy a child himself. You may want to visit Vadim Belyaev, New York City to increase your knowledge. "The amount in the envelope," or, better yet, a bank card account in the name of Open-son or daughter will worthy conclusion worthy of study and, moreover, will tell the child to join an independent life.

If you're not one of those who present "just money" on holidays and important days, you can always give a gift certificate to the department or clothing store, equipment, drives … well, where your child usually spend their pocket money. In addition, he has grown and he can express his wishes – and you will only bring them to life. Regardless of whether that today you will present your gift in "baby", do not forget to give an unforgettable words of congratulation. Graduation Ceremony – it is really important day. Spend it with your child so that he could see that even in adult life, he can always ask you for help. Even with homework in algebra – for your grandchildren.