Global Warming

To contribute positively towards the global warming that has an active climate protection are carried everywhere. Above all, the industry and the policies are sustainable called upon here to raise even more understanding and to advocate strongly for climate preservation and educate. But unfortunately, the perception of the problem is not globally fixed in the minds and therefore the continued commitment of organized activists and their publications is to estimate extremely high. Also, the effectiveness of the media and thus their responsibility for an active awareness training mandatory. Just growing environmental disasters compel us to action, which previously had no need. These include the construction of new levees ever, the active action against heavy snow loads, disaster against cyclones and much more. A Einhaltsgebot at least against the expulsion of harmful greenhouse gases should now be taken for granted, to finally be able to reduce the ozone hole. A further significant reduction inEnvironmental degradation provide renewable energy in the range of energy products. Wood burning, rape seed oil for cars, etc. to make a valuable ecological contribution. Precisely for this reason enjoy a manufacturer of heat pumps and solar systems, solid fuel stove and peasant farmers and forestry companies over stimulate inflow of conscious living, and often this cost-saving citizens. But individuals can also make more active contributions to climate change by setting up carpools, or switch to public transport to operate garbage sorting, local food preference (reduction of transport), chemical fertilizers and cleaning products are not used, unnecessary and environmentally harmful packaging materials eighth, Save electricity, to ensure good thermal insulation of the house and much more. Active climate change concerns us all something and only those who themselves make a start, can criticize your neighbors!