Foundation Work

The practical application for the use of this inexhaustible amounts of energy to the limatisieren of buildings (heating cooling discharge – / ventilation, as well as the hot water preheating) was a 30-year research and development of the Luxembourg Dipl.-ing., Phys. , For buildings at all climate zones tested and proven not only to new constructions, but Edmond D. Krecke for the energetic Thermo-modernisation of the global building stock. In many countries of our planet these so-called ISOMAX TERRA-SOL building as passive houses (8-12 kWh/m2/a) or even zero energy for years “building under license of researchers built. “The technically amazingly simple dual energy Earth Sun” to the energetic Thermo-modernisation of buildings is as follows: If one is possible, the building approximately 2.50 m width and depth up to about the sole of the Foundation Work pit excavated for creating warm and cool storage. At a distance of approx. 1.50 m to UG walls, 20 cm wide and about 1.50 m deep trench is dug out a 15 in addition. In this trench, 12 cm are Styrodur insulation boards, 2 m length, perimeter insulation professionally installed and the remaining cavity then filled, and condensed.

50 cm of the insulation panels Styrodur therefore protrude into the working pit. With 20 cm distance from the external walls of the UG will then, depending on the climate zone, 40 60% of the total length of the stainless steel pipe-in-pipe development / ventilation counter-current within this future warm memory and the remaining 40-60% of the length outside the perimeter insulation laid. Both tube ends must be carried by the UG-external wall inward to the Distributor-to-future. After careful laying of this stainless steel coaxial tubes, these are leveled with sand. On this new layer is a light construction steel mat (1.50 m wide) over the warm memory and a further 0.80 m wide construction steel mat moved outside the perimeter insulation.