Flash Player VISh

Interactive Flash Player VISh4 provides video tutorials ‘online’ WINDACH, April 20, 2011 – VISh4 UG published for the first time to facilitate video tutorials the installation and integration of interactive Flash VISh4 in your own website. In a multimedia world, it becomes increasingly important to visualize complex issues. Therefore, we have decided to create a series of video tutorials that help our users to approach the topic of moving images on your own website in a simple way”, as Uwe Schlecht, CEO of VISh4 UG. The first two video tutorials dealing with the issues of downloading and installing the supplied demo environment, as well as installation of the Flash in the live environment. Tell how to clearly and simply download the media player loaded (download), in a demo environment installed and tested and installed in its own live environment clearly within 5 min. each may. In addition, the videos show how one familiar is with the key features and how to choose from such as the desired Player skin can.

The instructional videos can be seen on MrVISh4, the VISh4 channel of YouTube, as well as on the website of the provider. Moreover, you can download the video tutorials for mobile devices such as IPhone and IPad. More video tutorials are planned and will deal with control of interactive functions, and asset management. The objective of VISh4 is an interactive Web Player”available to, which meets the needs of the website operator and its visitors without in-depth IT skills and the need for extensions. The Flash Player VISh4 and VISh4Joomla are available in the basic version available for free download at vish4.com. There the commercial versions VISh4 Pro, VISh4 enterprise and the VISh4Tourism industry solution at low cost. You provide more interactive features from the fields of design, advertising, social media & communities, editorial and back-office. VISh4: VISh4 is a dedicated, young software company with the focus moving to online media.

Maxim is to implement customized solutions that provide high added value for the company, as well as for your viewers. This mission will be supported and surveys with regard to new technologies by market trends.