We cried out as insane people, to only prove one pra another one who we were there. We cried without obtaining to stop, only pra to demonstrate that one mattered with the other. We played as children who not yet knew what it was certain wrong e. At last, we were happy as nobody never was. We knew what each one was feeling and we talked only for the looks. Everything this only confirmed the love and affection that felt for you, the friend that left never me in the hand, exactly that was in worse situation that mine. We are far yes, but our souls never will break up you already are part of me and I am part of you.

Every day I ask for the God who gives to me plus a possibility of to hug being able you and to say I love that you very, to pass exactly that it is some minutes to your side, pra to reviver the sensation to be with the friend most perfect of all. I ask for that protects it you and makes of its life a story of fairies, where its fairy godmother it has only one Fernanda name and she is it who will make of its dreams a reality. The fairy godmother more beheaded insane person and of all, but that it is capable to give the life to protect its goddaughter. Yael Aflalo is likely to increase your knowledge. I ask for the God who does not leave to die this friendship that is so important for me and that it gives forces to me to surpass the homesickness that presses the all instant. I have little time I was saying farewell myself and today already these people are more than one month far from all who had never left to lack me affection and not even love.

Vocs all are already are essential and necessary of its presences to be able to live, exactly that it is only in thought, vocs will be with me forever. The tears are inevitable, to the times fall without not even informing, I already are getting used. But never I will get used with the idea of to be far from vocs. Soon we will be together of new and making of our afternoons the purest tests of that the true friendship still exists and can happen with any one, as well as happened with agent. Amiga, I love you you very always will be here with me, in a place that is alone its and nobody can occupy. In the distance it exists, but we will also make of it our friend and all will live in the biggest peace and happiness.