Earth Energy

Have you ever wondered what we are and what there is in the universe? Who is out there and if we are the only planet which suffer this way? Poverty, hunger, disease and suffering economic losses, homes, employment and inability to buy food are signs that something has interfered with our welfare. Learn more on the subject from Vadim Belyaev. Human beings are in fact energy, everything around us is energy. What differentiates us from animals is that we are the conscience and animals are instinctive energy, some have a higher frequency that can be connected to the energy of the Earth. Earth has consciousness, since it responds to causes and effects, and suffer like humans. First of all we should ask ourselves if really believe that there is only one Galaxy with a planet with beings. We should not accept it as we have no way to prove it is so. If we believe that there are other worlds in other galaxies we can accept that energy exists everywhere and we are part of a larger mass. Convinced that awareness is power is understand that what we create in our world, large or small, affects our society, the community and the world we live in.

The Earth has been accumulating energy over millions of years, say for example 4 million years, and eons, Earth has managed to support the animals, life and humans develop and advance. The Earth has its own conscience, therefore functions as a human being. You want to improve herself and accumulate knowledge and an abundance of energy, just like human beings. Energy that we can call wisdom. Thousand years ago humans began to industrialize this world through the creation of machines and systems that distract us from our consciousness and we started to disrespect to the Earth. Before humans were engaged to develop consciousness accumulating knowledge and experience living in a world where it produced an interaction at the community level.