Coordinating Commission

2 Introduce activities for all students of the Centre that would work in the Tutorial Action Plan these objectives. 3 Development by the guidance Department in a short document, clear and direct to teachers, explaining that it is the integration, forms of organization, functions of the teacher of pedagogy Therapeutics 4th elaboration of assessment instruments and criteria to assess baseline plan once consesuado was presented to the management team, to the pedagogical Coordinating Commission and through Dona Ana Valencia, the Association of parents and mothers. Likewise he introduced into the schedules of both departments, guidance and follow-up, to the cloister where approved and the School Board, to present it to the General programming of Centre. He acted in this way because we feel the need to involve the community of Center so I had more effectively. In this way, a one-man project is It was constituted, with contributions from all, in a centre project. 1 Institutional relations with the foundation of the ALBARES to establish these relationships, decided to carry out the following actions: to) establish contact with the psychologist of the Foundation to propose the planned activities and assess the possible consequences of this relationship.

Analyzed all the alternatives we chose to consider the activities that programasemos for students of the two schools with scheduled preventive measures, such as to inform students, parents, teachers stay positive and caregivers always with them, interrupting the activity if appeared a factor not foreseen by us psychologist in the Foundation believed to that with this initiative we opened a closed centrenot known by the inhabitants of Cieza and perhaps a little marginalized, in an open Center 900 students of the Institute and therefore the families of these. Similarly it was believed that with the interrelation could help one better communication from one population to another. And we consider it beneficial for students. Another mentioned reason for undertaking this relationship was that were proposed from the outset: modifying student behaviors, to know and appreciate the difficulties of other colleagues.