Berlin Mitte

C/o Berlin in Berlin Mitte photo exhibition to Peter Lindbergh the c/o Berlin, one gallery (but non-profit organization) on Oranienburger Strasse in Berlin Mitte, is already a very special venue. The Gallery is located in the former imperial Postfuhramt of Deutsche Post, what very pompous, very plain from the inside from the outside and looks quite run-down. Since 2006 the Gallery specializing in photography, is in the former Postfuhramt which unfortunately (probably 2011) coming soon this place will organize at least no exhibitions. Unfortunately the tenants of the Postfuhramt (by the current owner, an Israeli Investor) was announced in the summer of 2010, the building was sold to an investor. The organizers of the gallery are looking for a suitable new building, what proves difficult but as a right. Currently (Status: November 2010) shows a photo exhibition on Peter Lindbergh at the Postfuhramt.

The title of the exhibition is Peter Lindbergh on street. Photographs and film 1980-2010 “. Until January 2011 to see the look of the famous fashion photographer. His photos are more than cool fashion shoots. Intimacy and melancholy can be seen in the paintings of prominent figures. Madonna, Kate Moss, Penelope Cruz, Tatjana Patitz, Uma Thurman, Angela Campbell, and many more are the models for Lindbergh’s photographs.

Over 200 photographs, very scaled part, are presented in the exhibition. On the basis of Polaroids or photo index images an insight into the workings of Peter Lindbergh, given very fascinated the visitors. Together the employees of escort Berlin did an outing in this photo exhibition in October and were of the opinion that the gallery in any case visit, especially while the recordings of the fashion photographer appear unanimous at the end. The escort ladies of elite escorts have allowed themselves a guided tour through the exhibition and can only recommend it. Min. 5 persons, the public guided tours at C/O take place on Saturdays and Sundays at noon and at 4: 00 (for 5 euros). It is also possible to book as a group an own leadership. More information can be found on the homepage of the institution. Bernhard77 image by