Insured funds at any time the question of whether the money in the banks is still safe, protected as well. For this reason it is managing the ATLANTICLUX life insurance S.A. important to enlighten their insured persons with sustainable information. So, for example, also many insured persons in France, who have entrusted their money of the ATLANTICLUX. The insured funds made available to us are protected”, Michael Emmel says life insurance as managing directors of ATLANTICLUX S.A., which has its headquarters in Luxembourg. So, the funds that would have given the insured on the ATLANTICLUX be protected even for the very unlikely event of the insolvency of the custodian bank, because this money is managed separately from Bank funds, to do so would not be threatened by a bankruptcy. This fact of course also applies to the funds of the ATLANTICLUX insured acquired in France. We place highest value on the fact that the ATLANTICLUX investments within the framework of the investment strategies of the enjoy maximum protection against the turmoil of the financial markets crisis unit-linked life and annuity insurance.

For this purpose also the investment strategies with capital – and high assurance talk”, so the ATLANTICLUX Manager. Here, the location of Luxembourg in regard to capital market transparency and security offer many advantages. Because the ATLANTICLUX S.A. is life insurance while in many Member States of the European Union such as be approved in Italy and France with its own insurance products, managed the funds but also at the asset management company based in Luxembourg. This is one group like the ATLANTICLUX to the FWU headquartered in Munich. The most important private banking space in the European Union is a leader in the insurance sector.

Attractive framework conditions insurers like for example the ATLANTICLUX are life insurance S.A. Nevertheless strictly monitored. The network of leading asset managers and investment companies, which is available in Luxembourg, facilitates this a fast, effective and safe implementation of an investment strategy. An advantage that the ATLANTICLUX could use from the outset and that pays off well for the ATLANTICLUX insured persons in France.