Training Dogs

However, exhibitions are often necessary to get the dog remained in the 'standing'. And what do you do then? Lean and raise your pet? In any case. Firstly, your dog is totally confused and not understand what they want from it. And secondly, from the outside it will look to put it mildly, ridiculous. For such a case is quite different trick you can use in training dogs. Initially, there is no need to train a dog to perform exactly the verbal command. For this situation come up and just sound. For example, the sound of your expectoration.

On command 'to me' your pet come to you, as it should, but not plyuhnetsya immediately on the ass, and will stand beside you, and just hearing your cough – sit down. In my opinion a very convenient and simple solution to puzzles. Worth add, directly in the learning process as there are subtleties and important point. Firstly, if you train your dog the command 'to me' – never punish her for any infraction after it for you approached. Otherwise, the dog will be slightly misjudge this very command, ie, if her name – it means she is guilty and are punished.

I think in this case – the result is predictable. Your pet is simply not will perform this command. In addition, important to approach the learning process gradually. It is not necessary to pursue the study team for one day. Indeed, instead of pleasant emotions to communicate with you, you can call about your pet negative reaction to this command, as in the training process as a whole. Well, the basics you already have, you are now quietly and without fuss can go directly to the process of education and sobstevnno, taming. And do not forget sincerely praise your pet for the right of the command, and he will try in future to execute it better. Because you are so like him, except he can let you down? Federation of practical dog. Training dogs