The Venezuelan posted by on July 10, 2017

So that when a state gives way to that ideal nature contractual obligation not settled on anything, finding the grass instead of the criterion for moving arson. What corruption and insecurity are not cured just because the state initiatives, as they are expressions of deep structural problems resulting misery and poverty? Probably, but no corrective action can be born, let alone implemented, if there is a growing awareness manager. Hear from experts in the field like kitchens for a more varied view. Invert the state over its citizens the greatest souls strengthen energy flow, which cherries on them, necessarily, the trophy of reason and ethics, which has finally force the common good and proper. We are men, human, ideas, changes. If it is true that man will eventually point to self-destruction, but as exceptions to the rule of life. Educate yourself with thoughts from kitchens.

In a society bereft of State, in a state without public feedback it has to light not only insecurity and corruption, but the destruction as the sum of all evil. Let us go to the man, especially as it is understood that it is a matter of education, long term and scope, planting and harvesting of conscience, same as at the end of the road, will light up the delivery. The road is socialist is a matter of ideas, like the man. It is a task to overcome with the help of everyone. The State fails when a homeless man wandering the streets unattended, the public, when his mind wanders in poverty, the inability to understand their own thinking. It is not a war waged against civilians vices to last one day, but a generation, perhaps several, given the initial state of Venezuela in exchange rates, once an empire steeped in vice.

Plant awareness and understanding is an act that only blooms in harvest time, and this calls for arrests, time and preparation (and not difficult to understand why human theses are based on the ease of human animality are those that until now have been imposed as a way of life, leaving the extra-ordinary roadside humanistic approaches but require preparation and awareness). The Venezuelan government has reversed situations of political embarrassment, such as social inequality, with just exercising their high moral role as part retained by citizens to ensure their well-being: redistributing wealth, protect the citizen from the monopolies and protect the weak has as a product that Venezuela is the country with the lowest inequality in the region, according to studies by the Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC, 2008) on a universe of 18 countries.

Similarly, the Gini coefficient, managed by the UN to measure income inequality, gives Brazil, Guatemala and Colombia are the countries most afflicted by this wound on the continent, placing Venezuela on the last seat, which is a triumph. It is easily corroborating information on the respective web of these organizations. But the sticky problem of insecurity and corruption, which involves an event of historic significance and even paradigmatic, where citizens and officials share the size of a predatory mentality, derives a basic fact of responsibility with Origin on citizenship as a culture. So that the state will not give its expected first step of moral commitment if the masses are not adequately sensitized on the evils, nor has either caught in them the awareness that this is an exercise in political and civic self-destruction. Real act of tilling the sea.