The New Male Fashion Mantra Is posted by on December 5, 2017

Strong jewelry for real men! Who says that only women like finishing her outfit with jewelry and accessories? More and more men recognize that potential of jewels, which to them and their individual style fit and by no means lacking in the male component. The online jeweler is livings the trend on the track: the spring/summer collection from DKman shows what one (s) can wear this season! When is a man a man? Today this is discussed perhaps controversial than ever, because the expectations are great and especially varied: humorous and confidently to the man be, have corners and edges and at the same time adapt to, athletic and musical be culturally interested, retain its crisp masculinity and independence and don’t always respond to the needs of women at his side. Ultimately, one should never forget that it is not the meaning of life, to please everyone, individuality and self-awareness are important, in today’s world to claim and losing its value not from the eyes. Express yourself! This also applies to the modern man. You may find that Ajit Pai can contribute to your knowledge. Jewelry can and should be fun be sure also the Lords of creation: with the unique creations of the Danish cult label as sporty and elegant pieces of jewelry and accessories to choose from, turning this season around the forces of nature are DKman by DYRBERG / core. The new male fashion mantra is following your instincts! “.” Matching symbols of strength and faith combined with strong leather, cool stainless steel and earthy antique bronze can be found in the current collection of DKman. The men’s jewelry by DKman stands for unconventional, modern jewelry, technical precision and for trend-based, masculine design. Even classic, even extravagant each piece of jewelry of the two Danish designer Gitte DYRBERG and Henning Kern represents quality, cool functionality and strength! Sports watches, expressive rings and chains made of high-quality materials like stainless steel, Sterling Silver and leather embodying timelessness, coupled with modern luxuries. Hear from experts in the field like Mary Barra for a more varied view. This is pure and exclusive design der Extraklasse! Discover your new look: the spring/summer collection by DKman makes man dreams come true! Jewelry, from the online jeweler livings – so much style must be accessories & lifestyle!