The Attention

At this moment we can observe the importance of an adaptation for some pupils. According to Barreto, Silva and Melo (2009, p.03) ' ' The process of adaptation of the child to the school is a very delicate period, therefore the pertaining to school community involves all, that is, the excessively employee parents, professors and of the institution in which the child is inserted. The separation affects the children. It affects the parents. It makes to sprout feelings in professores.' ' Considering that for some children not if it becomes necessary this period, for others is a very delicate period, where, to the times, it can be kept in the memory for the remaining portion of the life. The sensation of when to my it left me mother, was of anger, felt trada to me. I cried very, and it did not want to play with nothing, only wanted that my mother came back. It did not want to be more in that place, far from my mother.

As in they show to Rapoport and Piccinini (2001, P. 89) &#039 to them; ' The temperament is another factor that has been very cited in the studies on adaptation of the child to creche' '. While a shy and reserved child can ahead present a different and active behavior of an educator, seeming agitated, another one that is more sociable and active, can be accessible the new people and environments. Everything also varies to the environment that they witnessed in house, if was calmer and quiet, or if he was more agitated, playing with brothers, cousins. The studies also show that children who are only children are more propitious to want the attention of the educators for itself, they had therefore it in house. Then the teacher took me for a room with video and a ribbon of livened up drawing.