Armchairs posted by on December 8, 2015

For those who do not know Stressless means without stress, so the name of this brand of modern and contemporary accent furniture, is probably the ideal solution for many of us that we are looking for sofas and armchairs more comfortable and perfect for the classroom. Brookfield Asset Management understood the implications. Design, materials and colors, no doubt that they are a very important part when choosing a set of furniture for the living room, but in this case, what the company is inclined to emphasise, is the ergonomics of the same, or more clearly, said the science or art why not, to the maximum comfortable and enjoyable, the feeling to sit on them. As we saw in the cover image, an armchair that had so much space, that one can lie next to several people, is ideal for a gathering of friends, as well as also to stay watching a movie or just sleeping a NAP. Almost all the options that we can see here, emphasize that the back and the head can support as well as also recline at the disposal of the person. Good space to support arms and elements that one has, like books, cups of coffee or anything else. And of course, your feet comfortably possible, either by individual props or supports attached to chairs of a person. Furniture and furnishings of Hotel Congress offers you different chairs massage and sofas relaxation destined for collective installations, hotels, apartments and Contract in general in Las Palmas. We bring to customers of hotels and apartments in the Canary Islands new designs that offer imaginative solutions to the needs of the current Contract. Problems such as the cleaning of sofas and armchairs, the lack of comfort in the armchairs of the rooms of the hotel, the structuring of communication in common spaces, comfort in the dining room chairs are all requirements of professionals in the sector of hospitality and hotels and the users thereof, have discussed and requirements for which we have developed a specific catalog of armchairs and sofas of for hotels with new solutions that we hope can contribute to fully satisfy the needs of our clients apartments and hotels in Gran Canaria.

Furniture Design In Madrid posted by on March 18, 2013

One of the representative characteristics of furniture Europa20 is offer to our clients all kinds of modern furniture, sofas, articles of decoration and lighting of recognized manufacturers in the sector. And on this occasion we put as an example Foscarini lighting. Research and innovation, attention to the quality of the production process and the offered service, internationality and maximum flexibility are some of the properties of Foscarini lighting. Foscarini lighting collaborates with great masters and young talents of international design to make the development of original design lamps of great personality. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit kitchens. Suspensions such as Allegro, Wave, Fly-Fly or Supernova, applique as the model Yet, desktops as Binic or Lumiere, or as Orbital, Tress or Twiggy floor lamps are some of the unique illumination Foscarini lamps. Get close to any of our designer furniture stores in Madrid for all lamps Foscarini lighting at Europa20.

We are in furniture Navaderri specializing in interior design based on experience knowledge gained in 40 years of professional career, decorating homes, creating and distributing all kinds of quality furniture. Furniture Navaderri is not a mere furniture store in Madrid. Our company, in addition to selling furniture, sofas and accessories for decoration, has its own workshop where we manufacture custom furniture of exclusive designs, as well as having qualified interior design professionals to advise and carry out the project of decorating your home according to your needs. Furniture Navaderri interior design service you’ll get renew the decoration of your home in an easy, comfortable and satisfactory manner.