Managing Director

In this way 2.0 outdoor running tour concept pick activities in the training room and vice versa: so the user for example a mountain tour can take, record with the PDA, and later on the domestic bike train this tour. Or he is planning a tour to the PC, trained them at home and departs […]

Mercury Poisoning From Fish Consumption – PETA Warns Holidaymakers

Gerlingen – case of mercury poisoning is extreme how much in your fish?”so the shocking display on the PETA United States page that illustrates the effects of mercury poisoning. The cause is the consumption of contaminated fish: PETA Germany e.V. now warns holidaymakers strongly prior to the consumption of sea animals. In all oceans toxic […]

Laughter Is Healthy

Laughter increases not only their own health, but makes others happy. Laughter is one of the most beautiful things that exist. It has been proven that by laugh happiness hormones are released, that make us not only happy. He who laughs much, is satisfied and has a positive effect on his fellow man. Please visit […]

Information About Dentures And Implants

Information about sitters, fixed and removable dentures using denture you can complement a natural teeth or replace. First and foremost tries the denture to restore chewing function. Basically two forms with the restorations can be distinguished: the fixed and the removable dentures. The removable dentures include the simple prosthetic and slightly higher quality tooth replacement. […]

Cellenergy Quality

World premiere – Cellenergy ultra drink ampoules treatment with bio-active peptides Rhein Main, may of 2008 Cellenergy – well-being, energy and joie de vivre through targeted prevention – an unhealthy lifestyle, imbalanced nutrition and lack of exercise can the body’s homeostasis sensitive mess. The result: A biochemical imbalance accelerates the aging process and weakens the […]

Austria KJUS

Seven days, five amateur freeriders in three countries. From 15 to 21 March 2012 Stefan Hausl in the Alps is one of the most exclusive freeride trips takes place with KJUS team rider. Seven days, five amateur freeriders in three countries. From 15 to 21 March 2012 the Nordica occurs with KJUS team rider and […]