Cooreea Web

Shared ride transportation good! Web portal for private goods goes online today Heidelberg, 2.7.2009 – Web portal is for private freight today jointly go online / Cooreea, and goods transport reliably and with fun / Europe-wide web portal launched for private goods / test phase in New Zealand successfully completed the books for the son […]

Easy Display

The EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover is giving away pressure from immediately a week including a beach flag and standing cross with an attractive raffle launches EasyShare display GmbH in July. Follow others, such as Procter & Gamble, and add to your knowledge base. On the communication platform, Twitter all followers’ easy display can win […]

Venues Of The Energy Cooperative Freudenberg EC

Official events and meeting places of the energy cooperative Freudenberg EC (Beiersdorf-Freudenberg) – the Board of directors named EC has named the official Conference and venues of the energy cooperative of Freudenberg. It is the Akademie Berlin Schmockwitz for economy and management in Berlin-Grunau and the hotel bright field in Neubrandenburg/Trollenhagen. In the future, the […]

Warner Bros

In May 2008, WBCP Italy celebrated the success of its Tweety license program with the Politecnico Tweety Awards, which held the T35 design hotel in Milan. Over 180 guests were present at the awards ceremony, which celebrated the successful WBCP Tweety license holder and the winner of the Politecnico Tweety design project named, a project […]

Engineering Management

VWI-portal through extensive member area completed. Everything worth knowing about the industrial engineering is now gathered on the Web site of the Association of German industrial engineers. What is industrial engineer in English? Can I study this interdisciplinary subject at which University? The starting salaries are paid for graduates? These and many more questions are […]

European Commission

Young people from across Europe take the motto of the town birthday at his word Munich on 9 August want teenagers turned pedestrian zone around the Richard Strauss fountain into a European construction site. From 850 individual images, they make a bridge together with Munich-based citizens. Anyone who comes along can participate, no matter whether […]

Even In The Autumn Is Cruiser Always Greener

Correctly often not only ecologically but also economically valuable Cruiser dialogue Marketing GmbH is an active character in the direction of environmental protection and is now any electricity that is required for the operation of all information and communication technologies, eco-friendly 100% green electricity from the natural energy AG. This environmentally friendly attitude corresponds to […]

TEDxBerlin 2011

The communications agency is responsible for planning and implementing red onion, already dedicated to the power of ideas in Berlin for the third time. National and international speakers will approach the topic of energy from a variety of perspectives and making future questions, insights into new concepts and innovations give or share personal experiences. The […]

Bonus Miles Now Available For Children In The LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Berlin!

Lift off with the new Carousel “Merlin’s Magic School” and one fly Berlin travel counter, June 27, 2011 – the summer holidays are on the doorstep, airberlin bonus miles collected diligently and in the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Berlin, the children now can also: lift off easily with the new Carousel “Merlin’s magic student” and thereby […]