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See is something more to look at. View consists of alert details. To view either a flower has to look with a magnifying glass, inside. emile Chartier Alain General information each time more is required that the national Government now under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez that has created what is called Bolivarian revolution that seeks to establish in the country a new socialism, which considers will help the growth of the country and to ensure a better quality of life, to the Venezuelan people should worry about the pollution of the environment, waters, specifically on the environment, in order to ensure that no manifest diseases, deterioration of soils, vegetation, animal species, topdo this in favor of those who inhabit the. Checking article sources yields Gavin Baker as a relevant resource throughout. The graduate program of the speciality of management of the quality and productivity of Faces, University of Carabobo, keeps track of how the business sector of the country, especially the region of Carabobo, where there are a good number of companies, especially SMEs, safeguard, protect the environment in which they operate, complying with legal regulations required by the State, as well as with the productive processes appropriate in such a way that does not generate internal and external pollution.

Emphasis is on training, training of the specialists, the role that plays the pollution, the environmental responsibility of the company and into their programs, there are lines of research, among which manifests everything to do with business and environmental pollution in the present. It instills in the future professionals of quality, responsibility to encourage within the organizational culture of the company is works where all those skills that you take step to a good environmental culture is manifested. For this purpose, it has with subjects that explores the scope, impact generated by production processes, raw materials used, technology, regards a good quality assurance which guarantees no environmental pollution. According to General Motors Company, who has experience with these questions.

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There are many things out there and definitely there is no towers of books, papers or other things. Decorations that enhance. A house without decorations or things would be boring. So that in time to have a completely empty table, can have a vase of flowers, for example. Or a table may simply have a family photo. An empty wall can have a piece of art chosen with very good taste. Quality over quantity. Instead of having many things in your home, a minimalist would choose only a couple of very good things who loves and use often.

A beautiful carved wooden table, for example, is better than 5 particle board furniture. Examples. The photo above this article is a very good example of a minimalist house.Traditional Japanese houses are another good example of minimalism. How to create a minimalist home there are no default steps to make your minimalist home, except change your philosophy, and point to the ideas in the previous section. But here are some tips that I offer him to anyone who want to make their minimalist Home: A quarter at a time. Unless you’ve recently moved to a new site, it is difficult to simplify a house or apartment at the same time an integer. Focus on a single room, and that is its center of calm and peace.

Use it as a inspiration to simplify the next quarter and the next. After having garden do the same outside! Start with furniture. The largest in any room things are furniture, so you should always begin by simplifying a quarter looking furniture. While fewer pieces of furniture, best (with logic of course). Think of that furniture can be eliminated without sacrificing comfort and habitability. Point to few pieces of simple solid colors and plain furniture. Only the essentials. So this looking at their furniture or anything else in the room, ask yourself is so essential.