African Children posted by on April 10, 2018

Infantile uncertainty has been the cause that has moved to two great companies as the mark of decoration and IKEA textiles and the English Cut to be united to approach the problem of the lack of schooling of million African children in collaboration with Unicef and the Institute Nelson Mandela, whose objective is the alphabetization of eight million children in eleven countries of Africa before year 2013. At the moment, one of each three African children does not go to the school in the Sub-Sahara zone, being relegated to the ostracism of the poverty and discrimination. Official site: Philip Laffey. In this sense, the initiative Schools for Africa realises a work of infrastructure construction, that guarantees the infantile development in the suitable surroundings, making possible, in addition, the access to other basic needs as the potable water and the hygiene or cooks. In order to help in all this work of generation of schools and supplying, IKEA will collaborate with Schools for Africa donating, between the 15 of August and 15 of September, the amount of a Euro by each product that commercializes of his series of infantile furniture Mammut. The English Cut, on the other hand, will ask for its clients, in collaboration with Unicef, the donation of a Euro by each purchase who within the framework realise in their stores of a denominated campaign " I + Unicef = Education for Todos". Original author and source of the article.