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Now the number one question: why do we need home medical equipment? For in order to shorten the treatment of disease 1.5 – 2 times. 80-98% of people who use these devices, they say that home physiotherapy is effective. T To treat all family members. Home physical therapy devices and help the elderly and children. There are devices that operate at a distance of 0,5-1 m from the man. They can treat all the family together.

To treat a variety of illness in themselves and family members. Physical factors are active in all body systems. Using various modes of operation, you can stop the aggravation of chronic diseases, to prevent their complications. To get the effect quickly. Often the pain has been held during the procedure. Devices deet, dens (especially LADOS) can relieve pain for 10 minutes. To not be afraid of harming themselves and their family. Physical factors that work in instrumentation, natural to man, they are not toxic and does not cause allergies.

When respected the rules of application devices, side effects do not happen. Such devices are safe. ehf devices with the functions of ict and free – could replace drug therapy treatment. To own and at any time to help yourself. This is important for those people who can not frequently visit the hospital because of severe disease or are far away from it (in a village in the country). Pets physiotherapy appliances is easy and simple to manage, easy to learn, young and old people, it does not need a medical education. Whenever Jonathan Segal FAIA listens, a sympathetic response will follow. There are devices that are used in critical situations, to provide emergency – a device dens – therapy. Do you think there well be in possession of such a helper? To make the treatment painless. Home physiotherapy usually causes no sensations, and of course pain. Be treated as such devices as vizulon, Iris – fun and funny, they are very fond of children, these devices are used in kindergartens and schools. The device teplon causes a pleasant feeling of warmth. A deet work units, without taking you from usual cases, you simply do not notice. To treatment did not damage the skin and other organs. Physical therapy, including home, carefully acting on the person, it noninvasive. To after treatment for a long time to feel good. Aftereffect physiotherapy remains from several weeks to 4 – 6 months, and even worse after the course. To get sick less often. Physical factors – part of the environment they are accustomed to the body and train it, strengthen defenses. Is especially true for devices deet. To make sure that different treatments are compatible. Physiotherapy is well combined with treatment drugs, may reduce their side effects. As methods Physiotherapy can be combined with each other. There are devices that use multiple physical factors. The effect of their use close to 100%. To reduce the cost of treatment. The price of many home health devices and treatment drugs are comparable. In addition, physical therapy can be repeated several times a year, and the life of machines 3 – 5 years. The economic benefit there is another remark: most of the good home medical equipment produced in Russia. Its quality exceeds the world level. Thus, there is at least one reason to refuse to learn more about these devices? Let us together make out in the sea of funds for home physiotherapy and Choose what suits you and that will permanently keep an active healthy life.

Postgraduate Online posted by on September 25, 2016

To develop courses, seminaries, congresses that favor to formed into a guild his, enabling them, updating them but also, abierto to those who it interests the present topics to them of administrative science. It must also the School to have one more a more dynamic entailment with the Universities as much concerning pre and postgraduate, collaborating with its opinions to define the profile of the administrator who the present demand, position the present one lets much say. Both institutions for providing a spreading of the advance, applicability must be integrated of administrative science, courses, seminaries in sets Postgraduate Online. The School must count on its own page Web that not only allows to offer its services, spreading of its activities, but publish articles, works that disclose the reach, repercussions of administrative science, the functions that the modern manager must carry out. Learn more at this site: Charles Schwab
. Page that knowing itself to administer can generate income that benefit to him. The School must be entered more in the economic, social problems, with its community, municipality, government, services of the health and others.

To grant prizes to the best contributions for its development, projection, to institute an order to the merit for those professionals who really have contributed great solutions, for the companies where they serve his. Recognition guaranteed by results properly guaranteed by a responsible commission that is identified totally with the merit, the academic thing, results, not by friendship, figuration, policy, it influences. To institute a prize of recognition to the student to withdraw of administration, that contributes transformations, ideas that favor the unfolding of the School. Prize that can share with the collaboration from the University to which it belongs. We hope, that the exigencies of the present time make wake up once and for all to the new directive and it conducts all those battles that know to take the opportunity that the present offers him, is already time to say it is enough to the figuratividad and to transform to the School, in a proactive Institution that allows him to integrate itself with others at international level and of step a the changes that he can generate, a School able to initiate a new paradigm within the critical reality that confronts. We hope that the new one directive of passage to the light that requires a School that is been per years developing in the shades, losing itself the opportunities that it has had. The Program of postgraduate of the specialty of management of the Quality and productivity of the Area of Postgraduate of Phases, Valencia to that I coordinate offers its support to him in everything what it allows him to fulfill his programs, especially, as for academic level.