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The Barometer of the Support the Barometer of Sustainability ' ' Barometer of the Support is destined, as its authors, to the governmental agencies and not governmental borrowers of decision and involved people in relative questions to the sustainable development, in any level of the system, the place to the global one (Prescott- Allen, 1997). The Barometer of Sustainability ' ' Barometer of the Support uses of performance scales combining different pointers of support, being thus its results if of the one through indices, and this same combination favors a general vision of the state of the environment and the society. On the Barometer of the support: 1.ESCALA OF PERFORMANCE We understand the performance scale as a method that equals the measures, not mattering of which pointer if it treats, the recital this in being able to establish a igualitrio parameter of analysis, as in an equation where it has that to equal the signals of the multipliers to get to the end a linear and comprehensive product. Janet L. Yellen recognizes the significance of this. Former: An airplane on average takes 45 minutes of So Paulo until Rio De Janeiro whereas an automobile takes 3 hours on average, but each one was considered to reach the same objective, however for different ways, if the airplane made its passage without problems or shunting lines, and imperfections its performance and performance are had as excellent, and the automobile in the same way, if it completed its passage without you damage mechanical, and same that has to have done a stop you give of that voluntary, its performance and performance are considered equally excellent. Since that the factor or dimension that is being analyzed either if to move of the point, for point B and its hierarchic relevance. 2.HIERARQUIA OF the SYSTEM the hierarquizado method can guarantee that a group of pointers points of correct form the state of the environment and the society, this can mean that such pointers are grouped in accordance with its relevance inside of the definition of the system and of definitive goal.

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The world-wide negotiations to extend the Protocol of Quioto suffer an impasse. In accordance with Leaf, the African countries had paralyzed the main session of negotiations if retirarando in protest, alleging that the rich countries wanted to kill the agreement. The protocol compels about 40 rich nations limiting the carbon emissions. Been published that the president of the United States, Barack Obama, would have talked for telephone with the face is more possible to pull out something in resources of what in goals of reduction of gases, and goes to bet in this. To each year that passes, all perceive the deep changes that come occurring in the climate of the Planet.

More constant hurricane formation each time and devastadores; torrential rains generating great floodings and droughts aggravating each time more the hunger in the countries poor, among others. Scientists affirm that it is consequence of the effect greenhouse, phenomenon generated for the launching of gases in the atmosphere. These concerns world-wide mobilization in defense of natural ecosystems. After Estocolmo, gave beginning to an increment, the steps of cgado is truth -, of world-wide conscience, as much for initiative of citizens, how much of governments. All, each time more, come back toward the local and global ambient questions. In 1989, the General meeting of United Nations (ONU) revealed the desire to carry through 2 Conference, that finished if only carrying through in 1992.

Amongst the countries that if candidataram to host it, it finished winning Brazil, that already it looked to firm themselves as one of the first developing countries if to worry about the ecological cause. Then, Conference of United Nations on the Environment and Desenvolvimento (CNUMAD) or ECHO 92 was carried through 2. The ECO-92 was carried through in Rio De Janeiro, in June of 1992, where, throughout some days, several> nations had debated the local ambient questions and global, they had defined a succession of rules and goals in common, had established new lines of direction politics of transversal interests and also they had closed joint agreements.

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– Lack of containers in public – sounds and smells are eliminated – System Security – Aleja animals that usually feed on these remains – Promotes garbage collection – Prevents furniture and large appliances are thrown to containers – Facilitates use by people with disabilities Among the disadvantages, the fear of public opposition ranks first. While politicians, environmental experts and specialists from all countries were pleased to find such a system, which facilitates the technical and Marisol Monte, Department of Environment of Vitoria and responsible for the implementation of collection Pneumatic waste in the capital of Alava, are aware that without the consent of the citizens, this system is doomed to failure, however well-functioning facilities. "All previous systems require a major effort of the neighbors in terms of source separation then be deposited in each system introduced himself to each of them, "explains Montes. Each waste should be deposited in the box designed for that purpose. To know more about this subject visit Joeb Moore & Partners LLC. Beyond the technical aspects, those responsible for environmental projects such as the pneumatic waste collection are aware "of the investment in education and information necessary to achieve a change of habits in the citizenry." Monte highlights so that for two long years has had to face, which is responsible for collecting air in Vitoria, the opposition of environmentalists and neighborhood associations with one weapon: the personalized information. "For us it was essential that every neighbor knew exactly how the process works and to ensure the elimination of noise and odor," the council explained from Alava. "People should know that like any other activity that can be implanted in the lower housing and the potential to produce discomfort, investments will be made prior to avoid, "he adds. Other disadvantages are: – High energy costs to operate the system. Specialists are defended by arguing that "energy consumption could be a deterrent to keep in mind if you could quantify and compare energy consumption in the same operating conditions than traditional methods, but you can not." – Difficulty to find a system to faults in the system. – High initial investment in consolidated residential areas – High risk of vandalism.