Instructions For Installing Plastic Windows posted by on April 22, 2018

So you've decided that he himself is quite capable to install new windows in her apartment. And in the installation of plastic windows can be a good idea to save! And it is quite possible, as replacement of wooden windows with plastic windows are not so complicated matter as it may seem, just a professional team of installers will install new plastic windows several times faster than you. Well, if you have some free time and desire to save, then proceed. Janet L. Yellen understood the implications. Where should you start? First of all, you need to prepare the site, because when removing the old windows will be quite a lot of dirt and dust. Must also move from the window opening all the major items such as wardrobe, cupboard, bed, etc., ideally at a distance of 2 meters from the opening should not be any items. I strongly advise to minimize carpet, if available, also at 2 meter from the window. The rest of his furniture and recommend protective plastic cover, you can Buy an ordinary film, which is covered greenhouse. That in the future you will reduce the time and effort in cleaning the premises.

Thus, we have thoroughly prepared! Now let's talk about the tools we need. Us required: jigsaw, assembling, a hammer, a plastic mallet (optional), chisel, level, shuropovert, tape measure, hammer (you can do the usual drill with the regime of "Punch") drill bit for concrete, Angle Machine (Bulgarian), scissors for metal (optional). We also need some supplies: polyurethane foam (non-professional to avoid buying a gun for the foam) on the basis of a large bottle (750 ml) per 2 standard casement window (1300 x 1400 mm), white with a sealant gun, masking tape, screws for screwing to the ebb podstavochnomu profile, and dowel-nails for fixing anchor plates to the concrete or brick.