Holger Ballwanz

“In addition to the current series of images profiles + connections”, the 2006 originating was devoted to the painter of earlier topic series. The series of golf – game of life incurred in the year 2000 are among the best-known”and Sex Appeal of flowers”. Udo A. Heinrich, who himself lived for some years in Florida, […]

Polish Dessau

The city of Dessau Rosslau is committed to the German-Polish theatre project transit Masovian Dessau, 30 may: after already, the Arts Foundation of Saxony-Anhalt financially supported the first international production of the kurtheater Bitterfeld e.v. dessau, now also the Kulturrauschuss of the city of Dessau Rosslau has approved a promotion of 3000 euros for this […]

Roma Italy

The tarot of Marseilles deck emerged in Europe during the 15th century agitated. Although, interestingly, not in Marseille. A city that, Yes, however, deserves recognition for having saved the tarot of oblivion and decadence that fell in Europe towards the middle of this century, after his impetuous rise in Italy. Later, the Gypsy tarot feel […]

Greek Calligraphy

Artist Yingru gives an insight into the essence of Chinese calligraphy. The Greek term “Calligraphy” means “beautiful writing”. The required materials are paper, pen, and ink. The Chinese calligraphy is based on hand-crafted characters, both on paper and on bones, clay, and stone, with the brush, as well as with the knife (seal carving). In […]

Thuringen InStr

Who uses the possibility has new to make a grand entrance hall, a successful collage to create perhaps the chance of many individual portraits, that will leave a lasting impression of the company for each Viewer as a figurehead. Banks, insurance companies or service providers of any kind: here is the opportunity to remodel the […]