Sustainable Travel And Learning

Offaehrte language courses offers climate-neutral travel we live in a very connected world. This is no secret. Travel experience and contact with foreign cultures and languages is already socially required, finally it is so simple and cheap and straightforward from A to B to come. The aircraft has long prevailed as a means of transport of the masses. The downside of mobility is the pollution of the environment. To compensate for the carbon footprint after a flight, you must plant many trees.

Also staying on site may harm in circumstances of the environment. Resorts resulting in environmentally sensitive places, sustainable tourism this so is society still far away. Forgo the travel may be not a solution. Bright spots are tour operators, who have written to the environmental protection on the flags. The Organizer Offaehrte respects language courses at its offerings on environmental friendliness. Speaking candidly CMCSS told us the story. Offaehrte sends its students with bus on the language to France, England, Germany or Spain. For this, numerous departure points are offered to make the bus trip for the customers as attractive.

The arrival via flight is still desired, is suggested the customers contribute to the non-profit organization atmosfair”to donate and make so the flight climate neutral. As a cash donation to protect the climate? It’s simple. The money goes directly into projects such as solar systems, biogass – or energy-saving projects. Thus the passenger compensates for its air pollution. Also, the educators Offaehrte beware of sustainable learning. Kids and teens learn from playful and far from a dry classroom English, French, Spanish or Russian. Qualified native speakers make the teaching experience and the care is well selected according to the language course. Order to raise even the smallest for the climate change, Offaehrte has the climate camp in Bremerhaven in the program. Here, students can improve their language skills in English from the age of 8 and learn a lot about the climate and weather factors. In on the program, including a visit to the Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8 is this special language camp East, where the language tourists can feel the different climate zones, and a weather workshop, as well as a GPS rally. Background Offaehrte organized since 1986 language courses, mainly for students. Additional facilities for adults round off the programme. Learn in the schools of the Bremen provider of education and holidays kids and teens from all over Europe. High school stays of several months, include new in Canada, United States, Australia and England. In addition to international aspects of flexibility and security more important quality factors belongs to the standard are a 24-hour support