Street Mill

Wild West adventure in Germany’s North-East In the North-East German Western Pomerania with the Stagecoach ride. You can see the post Horn and the bright yellow color from afar when the Stagecoach through the countryside in the mountains of the Brohmer close rolls of the Szczecin Lagoon. Two-storey vehicle fit up to twelve people. Front four horses, behind a staircase a sight as from the film. For this Wild West experience you have can be cowboy nor ride. In the North-East German Western Pomerania adventurers have a choice. On different thematic routes you can take the wedding carriage and the Kremser Jagdwagen. Larger groups are ranked a Kremser.

Thematic Kremser rides on the trail of the ice age are accompanied by a geologist. A country man directly on the field during a tour of agriculture gives insights into planting, growing and harvesting. Who wants to enjoy just plain beautiful and natural, is right on a picnic trip. It is very specific in the mill town of Woldegk. Only take marriages in a mill, and in connection with the wedding carriage exceptional home in the marriage.