Sosgenes Coast posted by on March 3, 2014

… Enchantment! here it is that already I am owner of a castle of chorale with rock gates wine color color of wine , lilac , rose, that they instigate the visual perception of the reader, detaching opportunely its rose pavo fictitious , enters others that coexists in diverse poems: golden, blue, red. The author through flicks of its imagination, nourishes, according to Mattos (2004), the desire to raise a new age of gold of the nature, in which the salient yellow color, dominating spaces. It is observed presence of this tone, in the verse below, being called for Mattos of tico dictator . Immense burning sndalo and the setting yellow.

It has on the part of the author, a paradisiacal idealizao through incessant enumeration of rocks and precious metals of the nature,> expressing the exterior world parallel to its close and personal life. Enchantment! here it is that already I am owner of a castle of chorale with rock gates wine color Florisvaldo Mattos, summarizes a little of the capacity of Sosgenes Coast: Writing down this particularitity I cogitated to glimpse the relation that if could establish enters this procedure of the poet and the universe of plastic creation, so instant was its chromatic preference, evidenced in the discretional supremacy of the vision in relation to excessively the directions, leadership that is only seen threatened by the relative competition of the olfativas sensations, when the sinestesia, in the metonmico game, to the side or instead of colors, privileges the aroma, its perfumes, its varied fragrances. (MATTOS, 2004:42 – 43) FINAL CONSIDERAES The workmanship of the poet Sosgenes Coast, reveals, through its poems, sharpened looks, varieties, sensorial ecstasy that carries the reader to a multi-chromatic world, repleto of distinct thematic sensations and, in an artistic creativity that it is particular. Very still it has to uncover itself in the art of the poet, deserving, boardings, studies, in an exempt vision of static, literary or politician-cultural preconceptions, of that it was after I castrate Alves, important name in bahian and Brazilian literature.