Server Save With Load Balanced Cluster!

The abaton GmbH in Vienna and Graz is a specialist in software and Web hosting, which provides among other things the Barracuda firewall and abaton load balancing. Also a short server outage can have significant losses in revenue resulted for a company job losses and in this way. Often, however, the cause of this failure is not a faulty Internet connection or a faulty software or hardware, but a simple overuse of the server due to a large number of accesses. This is to prevent the load balanced cluster through a load balanced cluster, by a special quality of service (i.e., uptime, availability) and minimum latency allows a superior performance even in particularly popular websites. But what must one imagine under load balancing? The expression means “load balancing””and consists of an arrangement of several independent servers and a load balancer. The load balancer assigns the various client requests to different servers according to load. Exposing a server, so, the load balancer transfers all customer requirements to the next server.

The grouping to any number of servers can be increased to improve the performance. A Grazer competence center for Web hosting and software alerts with a particularly innovative load-balancing bargain right up: to make unnecessary the considerable cost of a whole group of redundant servers, abaton created a combination of load balancing and the much acclaimed system of VPS (virtual private server). In this way, reaching not only rich savings on hardware costs, but also a special ease of maintenance and a simple scale at irregular performance requirements. This identical but independent VPS are configured, on numerous servers in multiple data centers in the Alpine Republic with redundant Internet connection during operation. This layered to overload a connection without noticeable disruption to another. Be as a supplement of the referred data centers jointly-accessible data storage so used network attached storage: the ideal fusion of highly redundant infrastructure with affordable VPS! For example rises”side glances, the lifestyle magazine of the ORF to at his website server infrastructure currently on a cluster configuration by abaton. If anyone also for his company at an optimal price-performance ratio is interested, he can make happy by the professionals of abaton! Franz Edmunda franz.arbacher(at)