Safety Baby Pacifiers

Why are at pacifiers Asbach is so important – the baby’s pacifier baby product with the most direct contact with the baby. What so obvious, as to make sure that this product is free of harmful substances and unbedenktlich for the further development of the child. Really free of harmful substances is the pacifier for my baby? “This question should ask every young mother or parents when buying a pacifier/cleaner, so Lars Herrmann, owner of Keeps popping on this topic in the report and it is evident that but not all on the market are free of harmful substances offered pacifiers. Here is still information need to the parents to explain that this is supposedly more expensive product that probably better for her baby.

Just when this baby article, it is really important to have certainty about the are. Finally, it is the product with the most direct and intensive contact with the baby. To be able to guarantee this security, the offers only dummy/cleaner from the House of Jayanta”to. These consist is 100% natural rubber which gently and ecologically, won by hand. Goldi cleaner have been tested by an independent testing laboratory on bisphenol-A: the result was top notch! The Pacifiers are guaranteed to be free of Bisphenol-A.