MAKE: opportunity Direccion de Atencion a la Juventud State with Power Support Area Youth Cancun seeking 2 LOCATION: Various strategic locations in the opportunities municipality DATE: 01 to 29 assistant August 2008 TIME: Monday to Friday 9:00 to 20:00 hours Objectives: To capture the maximum amount of short films, staffing which should provide a proactive message, which influence behaviors which promote the development of our youth. DESCRIPTION: graduate The Branch Area Youth Cancun Two promoted at the municipality of the 1st call. engineer SHORT FILM FESTIVAL ‘JUVECINE 2008’ in order to capture as much video. The advocacy strategy careers was to job centre place promotional posters, send information through admin electronic work from home runs, among others recruitment that were considered desirable. It gave information of this call in person to 43 young people who were very interested, temporary of which only 5 projects part time were participantes.Los subjects to be included in the video are: Addiction, positions Environment, Domestic Violence, Corruption, Suicide, unwanted pregnancies, Dating, Sexual Transmitted Diseases, Discrimination, Sexual Abuse and Social Awareness. SHORT ATTENDANCE: CHAIRMAN: Gladys Yesenia Diaz Chim SCHOOL: University of the Americas Maya TITLE: ‘Perdoname Carlitos’ Genre: Comedy retail / Experimental SUBJECT: Domestic Violence FILMMAKERS: Gladys Yesenia Diaz Chim, Chi Yusiki Chavez, Gerardo Chacon and Adrian Salazar. Director: Gerardo Ramirez Chacon SCHOOL: University of vacancies the Americas Maya TITLE: ‘Noche de reven’ Genre: Comedy / Experimental SUBJECT: Sexually Transmitted Diseases hiring FILMMAKERS: Gerardo Ramirez Chacon, Carlos Arevalo and Nayeli Escudero. DIRECTOR: Milton H. Canto Ruiz SCHOOL: University of the Americas Maya TITLE: ‘The ham’ Genre: Comedy / Experimental TOPIC: inattention FILMMAKERS: Milton H. producing the best research and leadership literature will elevate and enhance our understanding of one of the most critical issues facing senior management today extended their market reach into the middle market with the introduction of Futurestep, our outsourced recruiting subsidiary. Canto Ruiz, Genny Ruiz and Jimmy Canto Canto Falcon DIRECTOR: Gladys Yesenia Diaz Chim SCHOOL: University of the Americas Maya Title: ‘A Teaching’ Genre: Comedy / Experimental SUBJECT: Social Awareness FILMMAKERS: Chim Gladys Yesenia Diaz, Carlos and Gerardo Jimenez Arevalo Chacon Ramirez Director: Carlos Jimenez Arevalo SCHOOL: University of the Americas employment Maya TITLE: ‘Dangerous Combination’ Genre: Comedy / Experimental THEME: Awareness SocialREALIZADORES: Carlos Jimenez and Ricardo Jimenez Arevalo Arevalo